Thursday, June 2, 2011

No Internet...No Posting

It has been almost a week without the Internet to our home. Comcast is coming out on Saturday morning. So I am writing this on my cell phone. Thus, this will be a very short post and not my usual litany of words.

Work continues on our home. We had the pre-drywall meeting Tuesday morning. Our windows are on back-order. They should be delivered and maybe even installed. We won't know until we get out that way this weekend. If the windows are in, then the drywalling has begun. Roy and I went back to Bassett and bought the sectional couch for the sitting room which is really the room formerly known as the dining room.

I continue my focused packing up of things. I feel like I have gone through a myriad of emotions as I come across mementos stored and put away. Some are making the move and some will be finding themselves in new homes.

Well, my index finger is getting tired. I have lots more on my mind but don't have the pointer finger strength.

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