Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In the Multitude....

It is just difficult to stay focused on the things at hand when one is out and about in this spirit breaking, sweat producing, oppressive heat and it is not even August yet.  With all these high temperatures I try to run errands in the mornings or into the evening and try to stay cool indoors at home in the afternoons.  So it was an eventful morning, nothing earth shattering, but more things crossed off the list and a new learning experience.

Today the water is scheduled to be off in order for repairs for various condos.  This must be a season of bad water line breakage because the water is still off here in the late afternoon.  So, I headed out this morning, had breakfast, bought stamps and decided to use the ATM at another bank.  Breakfast good, postage line long, and ATM?  Just another adventure and maybe soon all my experiences at the ATM will be on You Tube.  So, this bank is before all the places I needed to stop this morning.  We rarely stop in at this bank but in my quest to get out of comfortable ruts, I ventured onward to use their ATM.  At least I put the card in correctly and then it asked all these questions to set up what I later learned to be a user profile and when I requested said funds, all I got was a receipt...with no balance...and no money.  Apparently I must lift a little lid to find the cash.  Lid didn't move.  Nothing worked... I'm out of the car trying to pry open the lid which in hindsight wasn't even where the cash comes out. I am looking for a button to talk to someone on the inside...nothing..   Of course I am in a panic cause no bank is going to believe that you only got this little nothing of a receipt and no cash.  So, I park and go into the bank...trying to act all reasonable and not menopausal.  I didn't want them to think that this little receipt I was showing to the receptionist as sweat is dripping down my face to be misinterpreted as a "give me all your cash" kind of thing.  The receptionist man...yep it was a man...  looked at my little receipt and asked, "have you ever used our ATM before?"  No...I usually just use this for groceries and junk like that.  He let me know that I had set up a quick cash thing and I could now go over to the inside the bank ATM and see if everything worked out correctly for me.  Word is probably out about all the faces and gyrations I can go through while using a machine.  He left his desk and I am almost sure he went over to the tellers that weren't busy as said, get the video from outside on her and let's see what happens when she uses the inside machine.  Fortunately, it all worked out and I didn't give another show.  I should have announced no flash photography please as it will cause distraction and miss punching of numbers.  After getting some cash, I headed out the door to Town and Country to see if my stop at that Pottery Barn would make rain happen.  No, but I did find what I was looking for.

Here is the new word of the week that Peggy introduced me to, matelasse.  I think that is French for coverlet.  Anyway, I bought a cream king size matelasse on Monday and today I found a sage blue matelasse for the guest bedroom.  This word matelasse is almost becoming a favorite word right up there with porte corchre.  Since I was so close to Barnes and Noble and I had my Nook, I wander over to sample some interesting reads and bought a book whose title now escapes me.  I never can remember titles.  Made a couple more stops on the way home and now here I am.  I remembered to RSVP for the HFBC wedding of the century and now I am trying to find another RSVP card to returnl for another event we social Monarch butterflies have been invited to. 

That's the hard part about moving.  Everything is getting packed.  Last night as Roy assembled all the info the mortgage company wants to know about us, we couldn't find an April bank statement.  They come in the mail and I put them on Roy's desk so that he can keep them in our little notebook.  He wanted to accuse me of not giving it to him and I wanted to think he probably accidentally shredded it during his marathon shedding a couple of weekends ago.  The later is probably what happened but we were able to get another copy.  Stuff like this overwhelms me.  I got so worked up over not being able to locate it, that it took me longer to settle down so I could go to sleep.  Yea, that sets well with Roy who has to get up much earlier than me but he was very understanding, probably in hopes that I will be as understanding when it comes time to move and he hasn't packed up one thing. 

PSALM 94:19 in the Amplified Bible is becoming a life verse for this season of life, "In the multitude of my (anxious) thoughts within me, Your comforts cheer and delight my soul."  Verse 13 too, "that You may give him power to hold himself calm in the days of adversity."  Funny, never thought of buying a house under the category of adversity and truthfully there are a few background dramas going on in our lives that has nothing to do with building a house but are present never the less.  Anyway, amidst the multitude of anxious thoughts...the Lord's comforts cheer me.  We don't have to do this in our own strength, we rest in the Lord.  The Lord is strong and mighty, He protects and as we are studying in Adult Sunday Bible Study this summer, the Name of the Lord is a STRONG TOWER, the righteous run into it and they are safe. 

Getting ready for round two of going through the boxes in my closet to see if anything is Goodwill worthy now that I didn't think I could part with a couple of months ago. 


Wils said...

Hi Nancy - and thanks for the giggles - good to tap into the humour again (..trying to act reasonable and not menopausal...) oh I can identify with that!

Your new home looks wonderful - I look forward to seeing your blue matelasse actually looks like in situ.

Anonymous said...

Ok so enquiring minds want to know who is getting married at the "HFBC wedding of the century?"

Nancy Mon said...

Our choir and orchestra director's wedding.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

So excited about your new house.....I know you are..

Are you having heart problems again? The heat is enough to make everyone sick