Friday, September 23, 2011

Living Large in the Burbs

For the next few months life is going to contain, men in the backyard.  What an adventure never knowing what one will encounter just by leaving the window treatment protected bedroom into the bold and bright light of the family room.  This week in anticipation of workmen I have been sporting a lovely robe.  This morning, I threw caution to the wind and didn't wear my shabby chic.  After checking on the dryer, picking up a Diet Coke on the way to the bedroom, I was surprised to see a man's head looking over the back fence.  Ahh....!  A little later that head now complete with body and Centerpoint identifying patches was at the front door letting me know he would be in the backyard and probably sometime around lunch, our power would be off for 20 minutes.  He is hooking up electricity for the homes that will be built behind us.  Hope our window treatments get here soon for the back of the house.  I also think it is going to be awhile before I can go outside and sit in the courtyard in my jammies with a cup of coffee to have my quiet time.  Too much foot traffic happening in this season. 

I now have a maid coming every two weeks!  It's exciting!  Peggy's maid had an opening yesterday morning.  She began working here at 8:00 am and was still here when I arrived home a little after 1:00.  Before leaving she asked if I would like her to come on a regular basis...YES, PLEASE!  We agreed on a price and then she gave me a list of supplies I need to have for her next visit.  Roy came home last night to a gleaming, clean, home relatively free from dust.  I think until all the construction is finished around here, dust will be an issue. 

After Bible study yesterday several of us went out to lunch to Lupe's.  Such fun and such a delicious lunch.  I also went out for breakfast because I didn't want to hang around the house and be in the way.  It gave me a chance to finish up my homework.  Our last day of homework this week was to write a letter to ourselves from Jesus, like the letters we have been studying of the seven churches in Revelation.  I usually don't like to do things like that but this year I am trying to tackle the homework with a different attitude.  Previously it has just been, just get the questions answered, but for this study, I am taking my time and really giving thought to my responses to the questions.  Amazing, but not amazing, amazing, that I am getting so much more out of the study.  The lecture time has been really good as well.  Learning the history of the cities that the seven churches were located in.  The hot, cold and lukewarm reference means so much more to me now. 

Last night Bill Bain texted me a picture of a church pew he found to see if I was interested in it.  Yes, it is not a big pew, it's decorative, has the curved back and it is a really good price. 

No big plans for the weekend, which is really just fine.  Today the light in the guest bedroom is going to be repaired and I think Roy is going to finish up his sealing and staining on the fence.  Then we have a lot of little fine tuning projects to take care of around here.  Each week we feel more settled and at home here.  Several times a week we say to one another, this was a good decision to move out to the burbs.  We still have condo thinking at times, mainly about washing clothes and vacuuming after 9:00 pm.  There are some things we miss about being closer into town but we find more things here from week to week that lessens some of the pain of missing inner loop living.  Don't know which there are more of out here, churches or Mexican restaurants? 

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Jenny B said...

We had the same problem when we first moved in, our backyard has the "box" and the cable hookups for the whole street so we had strange men coming in at odd times. So, we put a lock on our gate so if someone had to be back there, they had to ask us first. Never regretted it. :)