Monday, September 13, 2010


  • Thankful that we didn't go to NYC nine years ago
  • Thankful for those who saved my life two years ago
  • Thankful for a wonderful and loving husband
  • Thankful for good friends
  • Thankful that I got out of the choir loft before fainting and falling head first into the French horns yesterday morning. Thankful for friend leaving the loft and coming to find me.
  • Thankful for an EKG this afternoon
  • Thankful that I get to host Bunko tonight at Peggy's and I think I have remembered everything. Thankful for friends who will forgive me if I didn't.
  • Thankful that the Monarch house in Shreveport sold and closing was on Friday. Thankful that Roy made the trip up and back safely in one day.
  • Thankful that Roy went to his first photography class on Saturday and he is so excited to begin learning everything that goes into taking good pictures.
  • Thankful for CBS Bible study beginning and the new friends I have made there
  • Thankful that Buddy the cat has calmed down and almost always sleeps through the night without getting a case of the ya ya's.
  • Thankful to God for His goodness and kindness to us. Thankful for His faithfulness and that everything is under His control and in His plans. He isn't surprised at anything!

Happy Monday morning!

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annette said...

Thankful for you, Nancy, and your inspiration!