Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weekend, Yesterday and Today

I have fallen hard for Ice Breaker's Orangeade and Limeade sugar free candy. The only place I have found them are at Target at the checkouts. They take the edge off wanting something sweet in the late afternoon and right before bed. The sugar -free Sours are good too but the orange and the lime have my attention.

Monday found me at an unexpected Doctor appointment. Sunday morning I had a heart episode in the choir loft. Since I was sitting on the front row with nothing but French horns in front of me, I decided to leave before falling headfirst into the horns. Several told me I should just sit down but I think the reaction of those around me is so distracting to the service rather than just getting out of there. The diagnosis, my heart is all over the place and the new meds are not helping. Now they have upped other meds and told me to stay as stress free as possible, not to over tax my heart and keep taking my readings to see if anything unusual shows up. The cardiologist is reviewing everything and I should be hearing from him today or tomorrow. I think I can guess what the next step will be. Stress free is kind of funny. Sunday afternoon while at choir Christmas rehearsal, I get a message from Roy that Mustang Sally has been stolen and to come pick him up. Then I listen to the second message to call him back so he will know I am coming to get him from the grocery store. So with my heart racing, I call him only to find out he was two rows off from where he parked. I know it happens and I can't make fun of him because he was doing the shopping so I could rest. And I once did the very same thing years ago at Baybrook Mall. I was more than a couple of rows off, I was in a completely different section of the parking lot.

Monday night was Bunko. I really wanted to have it here at home but the stark reality of no room in the inn for 12 fun and loud women hit about a month ago. So Peggy graciously let us come out there and play. We had a good time although probably the distance kept a few from coming and getting subs instead. No matter, we had a great time. I ordered a pan of Rice Epicurean chicken pot pie. Delicious! We also had rosemary bread and fruit salad. After playing Peggy made everyone a milkshake from their soda fountain. After helping Peggy get everything cleaned up and back in place I headed home.

Tuesday brought a much needed massage. Denise has really worked out all the junk that caused my shoulder to be in so much pain for so many years. She is awesome! I miss Stacey though. Her massages are a bit more relaxing.

Today I have been running errands and working around here. I have new books that are calling out to me for a reading, but I need to take care of the other stuff. A nap is calling out to me too and that is a call I will take.

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