Thursday, November 18, 2010


It isn't even Thanksgiving yet but our Christmas catalogue collection is growing rampant and out of control. Seems as if I get one stack thrown away with all info on them shredded and in the mail comes twice as many as before. For several years I have kept count but I'm not going to do that this year mainly due the tremendous amount of mail we now receive that Roy's mother received. We think she is on every one's mailing list. I'm also getting a lot more mail because the Cowboy and Indian magazine I subscribe to has sold my name to every cowboy, cowpoke, tribe and western store. If I get another dream catcher...I'm going to use them for Christmas gifts. Or maybe I will make up some kind of hoop game with them. Note to self, let that subscription go once it runs out.

This morning hopefully was my last visit to Target until after the holidays. There were so many people and the check out lines were very long. People and traffic are getting into that crazy holiday funk. Mine, mine, mine and give me, give me, give me... "There is no peace on earth I said. Tho hate is strong and mocks the song of peace on earth goodwill to men." Thank you Longfellow for that sentiment written back during the war between the states that is still true today. "Then pealed the bells" bells pealed, just tires squealed.

Several have asked how my heart is behaving since the Cardioversion thing. Well, in the evening it works really hard to try and go out of rhythm but so far so good. "Give me the beat" to quote Janet Jackson. Since my pulse now ranges from 39 to 56 beats, they are trying to adjust my medicine. I think everything is too strong for my heart now but they will make the major adjustments on December 1. Sometimes, especially in the morning, I feel light-headed and feel like fainting, but ever so happy to report, I haven't. Just a confirmation that I'm not a morning person. The low blood pressure and pulse thing kind of wear me down, but I still feel like I have more energy than before the heart zap.

Yesterday I completed typing out my deal for my part of the December 2 dinner which is peace. Pretty big subject to cover in 15 minutes but I like the direction God has been leading me all along this journey. Now to trim and tighten up thoughts and points.

There are so many things demanding my attention right now and hopefully have the brain power to learn each and every one. The December 2 deal, Christmas music for Celebration, and a brief appearance of Mildred and Gertrude, which we are working on adding some relevant laughs for the group we are performing for. Like the topic of peace, the group we are doing this for only wants 15 minutes of our subject matter. That is fine with me and I want to respect their time limits, now Peggy...that's a whole nother subject.

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Jennifer said...

I agree about Target. I reminded myself today that last year was horrible during the month of December there, so starting next week there will be no lunchtime runs to Target. Will save me a lot of money!