Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All Who Wander Are Not Lost

Wednesday morning, the calm before the storm. Well, not so much in a Thanksgiving way but in the big picture of holidays or to some the hell-i-days. Time will rush by in the next few weeks if we don't take some time to stop, wonder, wander and ponder these days. The culturally relevant buzz word these days is margin. We have to have margin. Last night as I watched To Kill a Mockingbird, I thought of margin. Not so much in the slower pace of life in the time of the movie but that the movie made me slow down and watch and remember to not get in so much of a rush. This morning I have been debating with myself whether I should head over to the Galleria or not. Eddie Bauer's and Macy's are both running specials but the fact is, I don't think there is anything in either store that we need or need to purchase for gifts. It's just the fact of good sale prices and discounts. So instead of getting all wrapped up in the hype, I'm sticking around home this morning and taking care of things that need to be done around here. For today the only people, traffic and rush situation I should encounter is at the Play Grocery Store. We've ordered some side dishes for surprise there. Roy's office closes early today, so I should have him with me to help navigate the crowd and split up the duties of what we need to pick up.

Our Bunko group got together on Monday night to discuss the ways we can do Bunko or get together for 2011. I love that group of women. We had such fun sitting around Betty's dining room table discussing all our options. One good thing that we decided, not to get together in the months that have first Monday holidays since that is the Monday we usually get together. We also came up with the idea of only playing Bunko the max amount of 6 times and 2 normally busy months to just getting together for dinner. Love that as life changes, especially for the young moms in our group, we can figure out how to acclimate and still be able to do life together. I'm really excited about the fact we host with another person. That takes some of the pressure off, for sure it does for me.

Hope each and everyone of y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm so thankful to God for so many blessings this year. If I can grab the computer from Roy over the weekend I'll post more. Or guess I could commandeer the lap top. Then I might be so engrossed in several good books waiting to be read, I forget all about the blog. Also, I think I have decided on getting a Nook. Think that might just be my Christmas present.

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Grami's girls said...

May your Thanksgiving be BLESSED! I have a Kindle and I love it, you can download off amazon. I wasn't for sure I would enjoy it because I love to turn the pages and run my hands over the cover and smell the paper..ha! But it works for me!