Thursday, May 15, 2008

Touring the Worship Center Construction Zone

Today we got to take a 30 minute tour of the HFBC's Worship Center now under destruction and reconstruction. Everyone was pumped about going in and seeing the progress. Our group had the 10:30 time. We had to sign in and then take a hard hat.

Courtney is adjusting her hard hat so that it will fit yet be fashionable and attractive.
Here is the result of her tedious and meticulous attention to detail. CourtneyS, you look marvelous.
Here is the Ministries crew waiting for our turn to take the tour.
Amy and I showing off our styles of wearing our hard hats. Mine was back and Amy wore hers more forward. That is funny and adopted daughter Becky having fun in the background. We had no clue she was doing this during the picture, but I am glad she did.

This is the clock counting down the time until our first service in the our newly redone Worship Center. They told us right now they are three days ahead of schedule.
This is the tunnel that goes through our front lobby, or Narthex, or vestibule and it takes you right inside.
This picture is taken from the ground floor looking up. That hole above our heads led to wait is called the dance floor. This is the flooring on all the scaffolding in order to work on the catwalks being installed and all around the ceiling. When we got up there we are 28 and a half feet up. It was like walking in the space that is over our heads. I am not doing a good description, but believe me it is awesome.

This section is the median section on the West side.

Here we are on the dance floor. See how close we are to the upside down circles? That is a catwalk in the middle. When we walked the floor kind of gave. The foreman didn't even notice the sway anymore. Said it is like developing sea legs.

The above are the pipes for the pipe organ. I have only seen these from a far and never this close up. The catwalks are wide, it will be like a highway compared to the old catwalk which was pretty narrow.

This is at the curve of where the median and the balcony connect. It was so strange seeing the empty concrete levels with no chairs.

Here is the freight elevator that bring stuff up onto the dance floor. Unfortunately, we had to use the stairs and didn't get to take a free ride.

Here is the tunnel coming back out into the lobby and the passage back to work. Loved the break but more so loved learning all about the construction happening right across the hall from my office.


Amanda said...

That's so cool! Curt is like a little kid peeking in there every Sunday. I haven't seen that timer yet. I'll have to look for it next time.

Mia Lauren said...


courtney said...

i thought you made that hard hat look good, mon.

Lauren said...

This is so cool. I can't believe y'all were that high up. I wish I could see it all myself.

Lauren said...

I mean, your version is the next best thing, of course. :) You took lots of good pictures--I'm quite impressed.