Friday, May 2, 2008

Blessed Be the Nord

Good news from my nieces Megan and Erin. Nashville is getting a Nordstrom in 2010. We are all rejoicing over the good news and we are still rejoicing that Megan and Erin will be coming to Houston in the summer so that our Nordy day will continue. Gotta feel the love that is going on right now.

Speaking of The Nord, I was there this morning for the customer appreciation days. Use your Nord card and get 10 points for every dollar you spend. Those points turn into Nordstrom Notes to be used later when shopping. They come in increments of $20.00. Got a couple of free dinner cards for the Bistro and was treating to Nord bottled water as I shopped. I Love the Nord!

I also had a 25% off card for Origins. So made the trip down the mall to use it.

All in all a good morning.


Ali said...

Nancy Mon, you shop like no other I know. If shopping were an Olympic sport, you'd be heading for China!!


Anonymous said...

between the notes, dinner coupons and origins discounts it almost makes a sunday lesson about the nordstrom's bottled water!!!! hope you are loving the sunshine today!!!!

Lisa Pierre said...

My friend Leigh was like, "Yes! Can u believe it!" as far as the Nord going to Nashville. I may have to make a special trip to visit her and worship there!