Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cats, Cruises and Quiet

My little Buddy has been ill. She got sick on Sunday and the vet was able to see her this morning. He gave her some medicine, clipped her claws (that was more for me than her), and gave me a schedule of how to feed her to get her back on her newly trimmed feet and be back to normal. One thing that has changed for at least today, her curiosity to go out in the hall. She is good in her crate to go to the vet, but she doesn't like it. So she associates that with the hall and we aren't spending that much time chasing her back in our door. Buddy stole our hearts and when Roy was the first to mention she needed to be seen by a vet, I knew, although he protests, that he loves her too.

Since going to a trip meeting for my cruise to Alaska last week, I am getting really excited about it and I'll be there before you know it. I have never been on a cruise and have no idea what to pack. I know me, I am a mood wearer. I have no clue what mood I'll be in clothes wise on the trip. It seems obvious what to wear on the onshore excursions, but what about those days on the ship. Should I take on a nautical theme? Should I pack some mid afternoon, before dinner lounging clothes? I just know that I pack like I am going to be somebody different on a trip than I am at home.

It is good this is a short work week. I am ready for the weekend. Not that we have plans, cause we don't. I read the other day in an article on predicting trends that quiet is the new loud. As much as I am social, I have the great need for quiet moments. No blaring TV, no iPod playing, oh just maybe the droning of the dryer, but that's about it for noise. Hopefully, I will get to grab some quiet moments this weekend.

We still don't have any results from Roy's tests. A co-worker was asking me about them today and he said, you all must be on pins and needles in the waiting time. Actually, no. It is always there in the back of our minds, but praise Him, not in the forefront. I will confess I am the one who is more likely to bring it to the front, but once I realize what I've done, I take that thought captive to Christ. We so appreciate your kind words and prayers. Thank you.


Courtney said...

ok, i dont think buddy is smelly... i promise!

cruises... i packed one bag for clothes and one bag of shoes... and you know its all about the shoes.

so does anyon still work at FBC? i come visit soon!

totally miss you

Anonymous said...

Poor Buddy, feel better Buddy! I have been on several cruises. Pack at least one real nice outfit for the captain's dinner. Bring a little of everything. You may want to relax by the pool in comfy clothes before you change into in your evening attire. Some days you may not change from your excursion clothes. ALso, I know you are a spa lady. Check out where the massages are given. The last ship I was on, they were next to the basketball court. Not very soothing. You will have a great time! I can't wait to see the pics!


Anonymous said...

Do not forget the binoculars!!!!this will truly be such an adventure and i don't want you to miss the sheep specs on the mountains....sheep, bear, caribou...not to mention the ocean wildlife...i'm jealous FOR you!!!!

Anonymous said...

P.S...are you leaving from seattle so you will be able to make the pilgrimage to THE NORDSTROM'S!!!!! That would be a fun visit for you too!!!!!