Thursday, May 22, 2008


In the office yesterday the conversation turned to the full moon on Tuesday night. The first few minutes of conversation had nothing to do with the beauty we all saw, mainly it had to do with all the strange ones that came out of the woodwork. Our little area received some of the strangest phone calls yesterday. We attributed it to the full moon.

On Tuesday night I happened to be out of the city and saw the moon in full majesty. God gave a particularly memorable show. He unveiled the moon to me in a very special way. I could only see the tip of the moon because clouds obscured the rest of it. But as the moments slowly ticked by, the clouds dissipated revealing God's handiwork. It was awesome. Since I was in a moving car, I could not get a standard picture, but with the irregularities of the road and not using a flash, the most unusual pictures came about. At first I was a little disappointed but realized God gave me a gift of not capturing the usual moon.

Looks like a dove descending
The moon and lights from cars and homes

Just thought I would share these with you. There is beauty beyond the obvious and I thank God for giving me a chance to experience it.

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