Friday, May 16, 2008

Furniture Moving

With my ongoing newly produced organization skills that has come as a side effect from Ultram ER 200, I have noticed that we are under utilizing our space here at home. I noticed it before, but with my ADD, I was soon distracted by something else and by the time I came back to this thought, I wasn't interested anymore or something much more fun had my attention. I had planned a week ago that today May 16 would be a me day. Now I know some of you are thinking isn't every day a me day for you Nancy, but the definition today was to stay around home do something or do absolutely nothing.

The day began with a leisurely breakfast and Facebook. It was a nice start to the day and as the morning wore on, my thoughts to move furniture became a reality. If we were ready to do so, I would have begun in the guest bedroom. We are contemplating getting a day bed, keeping the armoirs, triple dresser and getting rid of everything else. It would free up a lot of space and we could move my desk out of our bedroom. Then Roy's closet/den needs to be de-cluttered and then moving the furniture around for a better fit and more usage. Today I rearranged the living room. When I move furniture I laugh the whole time, thus making me weak which results in more time than usual to get the job done. Chairs, tables and couches were moved. And once all that was done and every thing put back into place, Roy came home.

Just a change out of ottomans was the only thing left to do. Roy told me he would do it after he took out the trash. Love a man that can still perform his husbandly duties...trash removal. While he was doing that I started the process of the ottoman empire exchange and it was there the fall of the Roman empire happened. Actually, it was the fall of the monarchy. Just yesterday I was bemoaning the fact that I am not athletic like I used to be. Going through that construction was not hard, but there was a day I would have been all over the place exploring and three flights of stairs would have been nada. But when in free fall, I still have my sports sense about me. My intended landing should have been on the wooden leg of the ottoman, but I swerved in mid air, my stomach avoiding the stake and instead my shins took the brunt. If our neighbors were home downstairs, in that fallen moment, they might have mistaken the fall for an earthquake. My brain is taking damage reports from the rest of my body. The brain reported to me that my shins were probably skinned and bleeding.

I had my phone with me and I called Roy. It would be difficult to get up because I was wedged in between the bed, the flipped ottoman, and the exercise bike that doubles as a shirt valet. He comes in yelling where are you? I answer. He doesn't hear me. I wasn't pulling an Adam and Eve "hiding from God thing." He yells again, are you in the kitchen? No that would be Dinah...anyway, I respond I am in the bedroom...doesn't hear me. Drat the flipped ottoman that must be muffling my weary responses. By this time Roy is running down the hall screaming, where are you? He must have been so intensely driven cause he runs right past me sprawled in the guest bedroom, into our bedroom. He yells this isn't funny. Note to self, Roy needs to have his eyes examined soon. I mean it is not like I am some petite 90 pound darling on the floor, more like a beached whale. He finally hears me and comes to my rescue. My shins are scraped but not bleeding as I supposed they should be. Once I finally come to my fully locked upright position, I realize I hurt. My knees and right hip mainly.

Always an adventure here. Roy and I both are eyeing each other for symptoms of diagnosis. Not that either one of us has anything to go on. We are not going to the land of what if, just yet. My check up on my knees is this Wednesday morning. Roy is praying that I stay on the Ultram ER 200. We have not heard anything from his tests on Monday. Tonight our home could be known as the blind, deaf, and lame home. I am just glad I only am one out of the three.


courtney said...

you should have let me come over!

Kay Altic said...

i laughed the entire time i read this...heheheh...sorry...jerrell