Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. I feel like I need another day at home. No matter it won't be too much longer and I will be on vacation. Roy and I have enjoyed the time. He didn't go into the office on Saturday. We met my parents for lunch at Gringo's. Loved the fruit ice tea. It reminded me of Irma's fruit lemonade. My mom gave me a bracelet that my Uncle Charles made her when he was a young man and worked at a machinist shop. It is made out of stainless steel and it is beautiful.

On the way to my hair appointment we stopped at Border's. It was a good stop because I found another scrapbook 75% off. I don't scrapbook, but use it for photos. Roy bought some Consumer Reports magazines as he begins a search for a new car. With gasoline prices, he had decided to postpone getting a Hummer.

After my haircut, we went to Whole Foods and bought some fun stuff. This store is HUGE! If we had the time, Roy would have read every label and box in the store. He loves Whole Foods and Central Market.

We had dinner with Dena at Buffalo Grille. The food and conversation, excellent. It was a nice way to wrap up Saturday.

Sunday we went to church, then to brunch, came home and I took a 2 hour nap. Roy and I worked on a couple of projects in the afternoon. I got some reading in and he got some TV watching in.

Today, Roy has run down to the office but just for a couple of hours. I plan to stick around home today. When we were at Target Friday night, I bought a $2.50 tablecloth in the dollar section of the store. It didn't look like plastic in the package, but it is so cute, I had to put it on the table anyway. It is very cheery, cherry and vintage looking.

You know I have written before about my addiction to books and I have to come clean. I think I am addicted to Bibles. I like to buy them to go with outfits. I know totally a waste and so shallow. But in the shallowness it has also taught me not to be dependent on one Bible where I know where the page is to find the verse I am looking for. New Bibles keep you sharp. So, I have a new Bible and the first verse I read in it is Ezra 8:22-23. Basically Ezra is writing that he was ashamed to ask the King for a band of soldiers and horsemen to protect them because he had told the King the hand of God is on those for good and who seek Him. So, Ezra and the people fast and pray and ask God for this request of protection and God heard their prayers. Prayer is hard work. It is sometimes too easy for us to run around and ask others to pray for us when we aren't willing to do the hard work ourselves. We have stuff on every one's prayer list but how often and for how long have we stayed in prayer with our Father over the situation? We boast of God's power and glory, speak of God's Will, and then unashamedly ask for help from man unlike Ezra instead of waiting to see God's hand. These verses have been rolling around in my spirit and thoughts the past few days. Convicting words that bring life changing power if I heed and obey this. It is a good word for me as I stand to the side, but not in the middle of the power struggle between my loved ones. Neither is willing to do the hard thing but continue looking for someone else to do it so they get the desired results. Not of reconciliation but of conveyed messages.

An update to what I wrote last night about my trip down memory lane. I forgot to mention I met John Denver once in an elevator downtown. Well met is stretching it. My roommate and I were in the same elevator as John and we were trying to decide if the man standing in the elevator with us was really John Denver. Our whispering must have been a little too loud and a little too excited because when we all got off the elevator, he turned to us and said, yes, it is really me John Denver. We were so shocked that we let him walk off without even getting a autograph.


Mrs. KLS said...

Dena and I just had a talk about new Bibles. She just bought a fancy new one, too (I think you were with her!). I told her I've tried, but I end up going back to my original. It's only 14 years old - I'll just keep getting it recovered. :)

BTW, I LOVE John Denver. When I have to list my favorite artist, it's him. What a treat to have met him.

Wils said...

Appreciate the thoughts on prayer Nancy... Lessons from Ezra for us all. Sometimes we need to put our faith where our mouths are... guilty as charged m'lord!

And as for the Bibles... I'm starting to lose pages out of my favourite "traveller" - had it since 1984 and it's cover is held together with postage stamps stuck to a sheet one quiet night in Kampala. Not very fashion concious me... feel a new one coming on.

Dana said...

I so did not want to come to work today either. But after your devotional this morning, I am very glad I did. You make me laugh and think at the same time which is quite a feat considering I am ADD and cannot multi-task anymore...

Love you lady, thanks for the Word.

Anonymous said...

i was wondering just how long it would be before the Whole Foods report!