Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Saturday evening Roy and I brought some Goode Company home for dinner. When we rolled into the parking lot we were greeted by casserole lady and her family. She has a daughter and two grandsons. CL was eager to introduce her grandchildren to Roy and I hope we were not too obnoxious in how we were trying to prolong procuring our dinner out of the car as not to ride up in the elevator with them all. It was too painful to stand around and act busy, so Roy decided he would run up the stairs with dinner while I picked up the mail and came around from the other side of the building. That was total trust that CL would not throw herself into Roy's arms thus ruining dinner. Roy must have had his track shoes on because he got up the stairs, kept Buddy from running out into the hall and didn't drop our barbecue on the floor. Not bad for a man who has a low white blood count.

A couple of Friday nights ago while Roy was at the Rice baseball game, I took a quick trip over to the play grocery store. While there I ran into two tennis friends, Philippa and Margaret. They are the two pros I played with in my tennis days. Over in the bakery aisle we caught up with one another's lives. They filled me in on everyone from the club. Psycho Sue no longer plays league, just drills and she is a grandmother. Patt with 2 t's doesn't speak to them anymore but there for a while stalked them, then she would be seen and as fast as her 120 year old legs would carry her, she ran away. Patty still lives the mysterious Soprano life and others do more traveling than playing now. In fact, they were trying to talk me into taking drill with them cause they don't play league anymore. It was very touching to hear that a week doesn't go by where they mention something about me or laugh over long ago stories and jokes. That is nothing but the Lord and to Him I am grateful. I continue to pray for these women and know they will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

On Friday we bought a sound system for our iPods...well my iPod. Roy's doesn't have a bit of music on his except for the Smith Band, the only music CD he has ever bought in his life. His iPod has financial podcasts, webcasts from the Big 4, the Bible, and all his collection of Bible teachers and speakers. Mine is filled with music, CD studies I bought from Living Proof, and a few podcasts. I wonder if my neighbors can hear Sheila E...I wonder if my across the way neighbors can see my air drumming. Note to self, close mini blinds before letting the music in me.

I am still at work. I am waiting for a couple returning Financial Peace DVD's. At lunch I made a quick trip to Memorial City, more specifically Macy's. First day of a big sale, OK I know, what Wednesday is not a day of a big sale at Macy's? I found a pair of Michael Kors jeans deeply discounted and 35 inches in length, can I hear a Praise Him! Also found a couple of blouses and some cute PJ's. Love when that all falls together at a discount. On Friday I will be going to The Nord. It is the 4 day customer event. I have made my appointment with Penny so I will get my 2 free dinner cards for The Bistro.

I deleted a few sentences from last night's blog this morning. I wrote a few things I should have never said. I apologize for letting my tiredness cloud any good judgement I have.

Friday night I am going to hear Point of Grace and Selah at Second Baptist. Looking forward to hearing them.

Got an email today asking if I would sub in the 6th grade dept Sunday. Allen said if I said yes, he would send me the material. Uh no sir, let me see the material before I say yes. For all I know it is True Love Waits Sunday or Now That You are a Woman or tween Sunday... or a frank discussion of how far is too far when on a date. Not interested in being the one teaching any of those subjects. This week's lesson is when Jesus turned the water into wine and that could be iffy with me teaching. No not really. I am looking forward to Sunday. I know several of the girls at the table, so that is very helpful.

Once again I am all over the place in subject matter and yes I am still on Ultram ER 200.

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Anonymous said...

i do love that you are so kind to is so easy to tear into and make fun of those that are not "ourfavoritepersons" but you actually show me how to kindofenjoy people i would quickly make fun of, tease, get superior may not see your kindness but trust me it is there loud and clear!!! thank you miss nancy