Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crawling Back to Life

I am crawling back to life little by little. I actually went back to work today and only lasted for about half of it. Jason introduced himself to me when he came in and he didn't make one sarcastic comment about being out for so long cause I think he knew just how sick I have been. It was great seeing all my friends and co-workers. Didn't get too much of a chance to catch up with them, but it was wonderful to see their smiling, young faces. I was determined to get in for Get Out of That Pit. I love the small group of women who are attending. We watched part of the DVD today and had lively and interesting discussion this morning. All of us are anxious for next week when we begin studying how God deliverers us from the pit. I've read ahead and it turns out good.

Yesterday Lisa P called and made mention of something that happened last Friday. She was certain I would blog about it and until she mentioned the "thing" I hadn't even given it another thought. We hadn't even mentioned it at lunch, but we were laughing heartily about it yesterday. So here it goes. Dena and Lisa were in their cars and came to pick me up for our snack lunch. I had returned home from Outlet Mall and Kroger's. They had been at Chuck Caldwell's memorial service. It had started to rain, so I came out the front door and got into Dena's car. She and Lisa were in conversation by phone. Last minute are you sures and stuff like that... anyway, as we are sitting there and they are talking, I watch this older woman come out the front door and she is making a bee line straight to Dena's back door. She opens the door and begins to get in when she realizes and we realize, she is getting into the wrong car. Lisa said she was howling with laughter in her car and Dena and I laughed after the lady makes all kind of apologies and tries to get out of the backseat. I have never had anything like that happen before. Some people have robbers get in their cars, we just have confused and tottering old ladies.

Buddy has been thrilled to have me home so much. She has kept me company when I have been up and about and she kept her distance when I was sleeping. Which reminds me I need to go wake her up so that she won't prowl all night long.

Thanks to everyone who offered to bring me medicine and cook chicken soup. Those words lifted my spirit. And Amanda, I will be in touch and maybe we can do a lunch one Friday out your way. Would love to have lunch with you and the little mister. Maybe we can round up Michelle and her boys too.

I love that almost every body I have talked to who has gone to the Outlet Mall says there has been a line for the Coach store. Everyone I saw come out, didn't come out with a shopping bag that said Coach. Maybe the store is more like a Museum or something.

Roy should be home in a few minutes. He is going to help me clean up around the refrigerator. I think ours is on it's last legs, so got to get the Dyson out to clean the coils and stuff. Wouldn't want the repairman coming tomorrow to think we never do that....uh, maybe that's the problem.


Amanda said...

That sounds great! I'm sorry you got so sick. That is not fun. When my cat Bill ran away, I noticed that I got MUCH more sleep. I always knew not to let Jackson sleep too much late in the day, but I never thought about waking up Bill for the same reason! You are a genius!

Courtney said...

2 things... goodness, you need to stay well :-) and i live 10 minutes from the outlet mall and have already been there three times since it has opened.... LOVE IT... coach has been picked over though!

Dana said...

Glad you are coming back to was good seeing you for a brief few moments yesterday. You are a bright spot in the day lady - even sick!!

Speaking of Dyson have you seen the new Dyson Ball Vacuum? SO COOL!!

Ali said...

Glad you are back to your old self again

Lauren said...

i didn't know chuck caldwell died. he seemed like such a nice man. my grandpa used to play golf with him.