Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday Words

Wednesdays are long days work wise. I have a meeting tonight, COC which formerly was known as Committee on Committees has now simplified their name to Selection Committee. This is the first meeting with a new chairman and three new members. Looks to be a fun committee to take the minutes for again this year.

Each day I feel like I am more among the land of the living. Still have a cough, but otherwise I am feeling great. Even coming to church on Sunday, I was in a weakened condition and thought I might faint before making it into the building. Glad that feeling has dissipated as the days have gone by.

I have had my eye on a green Michael Kors jacket. I refuse to pay full price for the thing cause it is over-priced. Last Friday in between my brow appointment and my SPA appointment I went to see if it had gone on sale. Praise Him! Yes, Penny told me they had just marked the jacket down that morning. And even better, I had $40.00 in Nordstrom Notes to bring the price down even further. After church on Sunday Dena and I ate at Molina's. Toward the end of lunch, she asked if I had any time to go see a new shop she had found. Believe me, it was worth the delay on my nap. This little shop has cute purses, jewelry, scarfs, and all kinds of neat little stuff and it is priced well i.e. cheaply. I got a couple of necklaces and some earrings. She got a really cute purse. It is on Richmond and Post Oak, in the shopping center with the 24 Hour Fitness. If you are out and about that way you should drop and shop there. Of course I can't remember the name of the place.

Today at lunch I ran to Target and bought a new microwave and an ice maker. I am really kind of excited over the ice maker. We have heard horror stories of installing ice makers in our old condos, so we never have done that. So we keep a bag of ice in the freezer but that gets old dragging out the bag etc. So, this ice maker is a table top deal and can make cubes in 7 minutes. I will let you know if this was a good thing or not. Yesterday, we had our new refrigerator delivered, so we are back in the cold.

Haven't really had too much to blog about, so I will just fill in the boring details of daily life. Work has slowed done enough for me to get caught up.

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