Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Crud is Kicking my Butt

Friday night the crud got a hold of me and today, Tuesday, is the first day since then I feel like its grip on me has let go just a little bit. Not a whole lot, just a tad. This stuff has been kicking my butt every which way but Sunday. It was a surprise attack I would like to mention, but oversleeping on Friday should have been a huge hint for me, but I missed it. This crud has it all, runny nose, cough due to cold, then progressing to hacking up a lung, and coughing so hard you begin to throw up. Along with it came other symptoms of blinding dizziness, acute sleeping, fever and well let me see how I can put this delicately... I know, I wish I had bought the book I saw at Urban Outfitters, "What Your Poop Says About You." Believe me I would be fully informed on the subject. My mom's 79 birthday was Saturday and I did go over to see her and bring a gift and I would have won best performance of a sicky because I never once sniffed or coughed while there. My mom hears someone cough and the next day she is down for the count.

My medical supply situation became extreme yesterday afternoon when I no longer had any, at all, none, zip, zero, zilch, medicine in the house. I mapped out a trip to Walgreen's with plenty of getting ready time factored in. Once I woke up after my shower I realized Walgreen's was too adventuresome and I would have to be willing to pay prime dollar for cold medicine at the Rice Epicurean. About the time I was getting dressed for my errand, my fever decided to break and I was sweating up the joint like a big dog. I couldn't even get my hair dry cause as soon as it was dry, sweat was pouring off my head. My make up came drizzling down my face and my clothes were soaked. Nevertheless, I was undaunted in my hunt for relief. I have never been one to do drugs while growing up and my drug knowledge comes from movies, but if memory serves me correctly and I do believe it does, people in need of their next fix are sweating as much as me.

If my life were in movie form yesterday, this is when the music from Psycho would be cued and begin playing. Not the stabbing music, the music in the background when Janet Lee is driving across state lines with stolen money. Into the world of buff and fit bodies, housekeepers/cooks shopping for their employer, moms and kids getting afternoon snacks after school and the genteel older lady fresh from her Bridge game came, sweaty, out of my mind, snotty, wheezing and coughing me. I went straight to the cough due to cold aisle and picked up some $7.00 cough medicine, then went over for two cups of yogurt for Roy's breakfast and then express check out. I needed to break my $100.00 bill and so I put that sweaty bill into the palm of the surprised checker. She asked me, do you have anything smaller? No, No, NO, I do not have anything smaller, please just take the bill and give me my change. Of course she is using that pen all over that bill cause she has to be thinking some drug addict is trying to pass phony money. She calls over the manager to get some twenties. I realize I haven't had anything to eat so I go over to their ice cream/yogurt station. I can't remember for the life of me what size of ice cream Roy gets when he brings some home. I know it isn't any size that could be in Styrofoam containers. I frantically say to the woman helping me, oh I don't know what size, my husband always does this. I was almost panic stricken when she begins displaying all the different sizes of containers. I recognized the pint size and got some French Vanilla Fat Free Yogurt. Keep playing that Psycho music in your imagination cause I am in a total daze driving back home. By God's grace I get home safely, not endangering other lives, spoon out some yogurt, take my medicine, and then throw it all up. Didn't matter it got all over my clothes cause it was then I noticed that there wasn't one dry spot to be found on my shirt and pants. So, I just went to the Play Grocery store looking like I had wet my pants. I am surprised no one kindly directed me to the Depends aisle.

Things were not so dramatic this morning as I went to get my last injections for six weeks. Although I nearly fainted at the front desk. Lots of A/C and Diet Coke got me to Walgreen's to turn in my prescriptions which I hope Roy picks up on his way home tonight. I got home and fell into bed and just woke up about an hour ago. As I have been sitting here blogging another wave of dizziness and tiredness is hitting me. I have got to go back to bed. So I will end my post here.

More later!


Ali said...

Oh Nancy, poor you :-( Hope you are feeling much, much better very soon

Anonymous said...

I have heard that nasty flu like stuff is going around! I hope you are on the road to recovery.


Lisa Pierre said...

I am extremely sorry for your butt-kicking crud.
I know you're happy to not hear from someone else who hasn't had the chance to say to you: "Nancy, you're looking a little pale."
What the heck is a pale look??? What an extreme insult to say that to anyone!

courtney said...

From now on, just know that you can call me, and I will gladly go get medicine for you. Moriah and I were doing nothing all day yesterday. I would have helped, and you could have kept your poor, sweaty little head in the bed. I'm so sorry you're sick!

Ang baylis said...

I wished I live near you so I could make you some chicken soup and some medicine! I am praying you feel so much better today! I'm so sorry!
Take good care...
Angie xoxo