Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shoe Farts, Get Out of That Pit and Other Stuff

I pulled out a pair of sandals that I bought last year and wore them today. I remember thinking to myself why haven't I worn these yet? Today at work I soon remembered why, cause those shoes cause shoe farts. That little noise that might make some wonder. Of course I blurt out it was my shoe. I promise my shoes are making shoe fart noise.

Yesterday Lisa P, Jenea and I were talking music and somehow Sheila E came up. She sang with Prince and had her own band. She sings lead and plays drums at the same time. Probably her most famous song was The Glamorous Life. Last night I decided the song was worth a 99 cents download from iTunes. While folding laundry I had that turned up on my iPod and there were times I had to quite folding t shirts and do a little Sheila E air drum. Man, I was playing some mean air percussion and so involved in my technique, I didn't hear Roy come in the front door. He about scared the pee waddling' out of me. Air drum is usually a private thing.

Today was our last session of Get Out of That Pit. We are a changed group. It was a great study and we were sad to see it end, but joyful in knowing we are surrounded with songs of deliverance. After my air drum embarrassment, I went back to our bedroom and began looking through my iPod listening to songs that have been songs of deliverance for me. While in the midst of the trial I listened to those songs and cried at the first note. Then it gave me strength and last night hearing those songs that had carried me through tough times, there was joy and rejoicing that God got me through to the other side of the pain. My music choices last night were all over the genres of style. I listed to an organ piece Tocatta and ran the gammet to Yolanda Adams singing Afterwhile.

After a while, after a while
This too shall pass After a while
Scars will heal, you’ll love again
It won’t hurt you after a while
It won’t hurt after a while
Stuck between if and when
You pray and tried But still no end
God’s purpose soon you’ll understand
It won’t hurt you after a while
It won’t hurt you after a while
So when the pain has come to an end
And now your heart is whole again
Help someone who needs to know
That it won’t hurt them after a while
It won’t hurt them after a while
It wont hurt them after a while

Those words are just too good not to include. We are wired by God to respond to music. Nothing will lift us out of the dull drums like good Gospel, Hyms, and Praise and Worship music. I was so filled with joy last night, I had a difficult time falling asleep. I would have stayed up and praised Him more, but getting up for work called out too loudly for me to ignore.

Had the peach butter on my toast this morning. Slap your mama good. Tonight for dinner I had tomatoes on fresh soft white bread. I went really Southern tonight in my dinner choice.

Funny thing, this morning while getting ready, I began to think through some stuff that aggrevates the tarnation out of me. I finally had to stop, sit still and confess to the Lord. How could I be doing all this stinkin' thinkin' after having such a wonderful praise time with Him last night? That stupid enemy was trying to get me off track before I even hit the door at church. Saw that pit and made quick steps away from the hole.

I will be doing some shopping in Sugarland in the morning. My hair salon finally made the move, so I will be out that way in the morning. I have a few names of places to try closer to our home.

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

folding t-shirts whle playing the air drum...keep writing and I'll keep reading.....hope you fpund some fun stops in sugarland!

courtney said...

Kind of like the rhythm sticks being a "prayer closet" thing?

Sheryl said...

I've been a "lurker", thought I should say hi!

Those words from that Yolanda Adams song were meant for me. I know what I'll be downloading on the Ipod tomorrow.


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I WILL tell CM & crew hi! Just had lunch with them today!

That shoe farts story hits close to home!