Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Let Me Introduce You to a Friend

I am so happy to announce that Laurie Mounce has started blogging. You can find her blog here. If you know Laurie you know you are in for a treat and if you don't know Laurie, let me introduce her to you now.

We first met the Mounces at the Bain's on Easter Sunday a long time ago. Laurie is one of Jenny's best friends. Who is Jenny, why she is Peggy's daughter. In fact Laurie worked for Jason eons before me. Believe me, her shoes are still hard to fill. She is one of the most godly and wise young women I have ever met. I love visiting with her and occasionally we get to grab lunch. If we don't get to do that, I can see her smiling face greeting us at the doors of the church on Sundays. And of course the most fun is when we are all out at the Bain Compound along with Becky and Charlie. I am privileged to call her friend.

She is a young mom with great ideas. So if you have kiddos, you will want to read her blog and see her ideas for the coming summer months.

Laurie, glad you are my friend and I am thrilled that you finally have started a blog. Now, can I interest you in Face Book?

1 comment:

Laurie M said...

Mercy Me, Nancy Monarch-

You bless me beyond measure! What a precious way to be indoctrinated into the blogging world. The bar has been raised...now I must live up to that amazing description AND offer meaningful and captivating blog posts. I owe you lunch at the Nord for that- I need me some crab bisque!

Love you bunches! You are my HFBC Rock Star.