Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How Lovely

It was an unusual circumstance; I had the whole row of seats to myself in an airplane. That doesn’t happen too much anymore and I took advantage of the extra leg room. I scooted over to the window seat and the topography below showed signs of foothills stretching into mountains. I did what any flat land-er likes to do, take pictures of hills, valleys, lakes and mountains. Mesmerized by mountain hiking trails outlined in snow and the clarity of viewing from above the direction of the trails caused me to pause and reflect. I paused to remember some years back hiking in the Olympic Mountains. It seemed to be one switchback after another and I began to doubt I would ever find a level and long path in those mountains. The climb steep and the terrain tougher and after a day of methodically lifting my left foot then my right hour upon hour, we came to level ground or as the Bible puts it a spacious place. Almost giddy with the excitement from the lack of steep, craggy climbing, I was reckless in my traversing the trails. When I should be careful along the narrow paths with rock to the left and open air and deep drop to the right, I ambled along as if I had 6 feet on either side of me. My palms are breaking out in a sweat even now as I type this.

Now I’m reflecting on perspective. In my limited view of hiking in the mountains I could not see any end to the climb. The cessation of pain didn’t seem to be imminent. Sitting in that airplane snapping pictures left and right, remembering verses of God showing us the path of life, having my heart set on pilgrimage, knowing His presence and seeing the “whole picture” assured me once again that God does know my path. He has set up the ancient markers for me to follow. He knows where He has me and He sees the way to go.

I feel like I cannot write about my trip without letting you know the internal things that are working around in me. The time away from work, family, worries, to do’s, and the like, distance me from the attention of daily life. Oh that it could be to have Matt the cabin boy taking instruction and direction from me, taking care of details. Could it be to have breakfast served every morning and even before breakfast have hot coffee and orange juice awaiting me after getting out of the shower? Come to think of it, lunch and dinner details taken care as well? Life isn’t happening that way for me and it doesn’t look like it will be a part of the Mon household anytime soon. Spiritual matters are no different. The details and working out of my salvation is between the Lord and me, not to bring about mere change, but transformation. Transformation of God’s working in my overwhelming, over scheduled, over indulged, over confident, over drawn, over extended, over itemized, over weight, over processed and over there life.

Adam Mason of our counseling staff said at staff retreat, "Change is based on pain.
Transformation is based on vision."

This is an eye opening, heart rendering quote that has stuck with me since I heard it. Change isn’t enough! Transformation is where it’s at. Romans 12:1-2.
Just thought I would share what I am thinking upon and meditating on. The Lord has been so faithful to speak in my spirit about these things. Verses that I have known for years are popping up with new life in me. All is tied to my thoughts on wanna be-ism. And not wanna be lifeless, without wisdom and used up. I want to be like Jesus. There is a song I love, "I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light." And the refrain to the about is I want to be like Jesus. More to well as more pictures. Thank you for indulging me with reading these ramblings.


Laurie said...

That may be the best post you've ever written. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

and thanks for the rambling! (sing to thanks for the memories)..anyway- don't you just love it when those verses reveal new life..i think thats kinda what i meant by my comment on the "whalespray" can't really grab it and hold it but it is everything and brings such an immediate and palpable beth would say you get "chillbumps" that the word she uses? sounds like your "otherjournal" will be getting some mighty fine entired too!!!!

jené said...

Change is inevitable, growth is intentional.