Monday, June 23, 2008

Random Pictures from the Trip

The above is an eagle at the raptor center in Sitka. After viewing a video on all the work they do, an American Bald Eagle was brought in by its handler. I cannot tell you how awesome that moment was. The eagle had been injured and would not survive out in the wild. The intense eyes of the bird were hypnotizing. Dena took some great pictures of this and when I get some copies, I will post them to the blog.
To the right in the tree is an eagle nest.
Here is the nest with the mom or dad minding it.
An otter having fun in the water.
A raft of otters having fun in the waters.
Part of the whale that I could only get pictures of.
My best pictures were of the splash after it had gone under water.
The sun going down in Juneau.
Hubbard Glacier.

Seattle on Saturday evening.
I think Juneau...who knows?
Seals in Juneau.
View from Mt. Roberts of our ship in harbor in Juneau.


Anonymous said...

Nancy! I just found out today about your trip - have been waaaaaay behind on blogging - sorry! your pictures are amazing! Mitch and I went 9 years ago,and will return next summer. This just makes me want the year to pass fast! Glad you are home - blessings and love.

Amanda said...

That's it. I'm going!

Anonymous said...

a lot like my experiences with God..."part of the splash after it has gone under the water"....Glad you are back with memories for a lifetime.....Praise Hiim!

Dana said...

Welcome back! You were so missed and I LOVE these pictures!