Friday, June 13, 2008

Bon Voyage

The offiicial count down began last night around 4:30 when I left the office. Officially, it is vacation time. Dena and I have been checking in with one another over packing, trip tips from those who have done this very same cruise and whatever else that pertains to the trip.

Another huge step this morning, printing out boarding passes. That is always a huge hurdle to me and the journey becomes official in my mind. I have settled in on what I am packing and just have a few odds and ends to take care of today.

Vacation Bible School is this week. The halls are filled with children and their infectious laughter. I have been taking home a friend's niece afterwards and I have totally enjoyed doing that. The songs this year are some of the best and in fact would love to have a couple of them on my iPod.

I will be posting from Alaska from time to time. But come on back to Monablog beginning tomorrow for a few give a ways and surprises.

If I don't get a chance to blog again let me say thanks for praying. I will keep y'all updated. As Bugs Bunny says...Bon Voyage...but he says it like Bon Voy ah geee.


Laurie M said...

Girl- have such a wonderful time! I am so jealous you get to lead the 'glamorous life'! And take full advantage of those midnight buffets!!

Love you, Friend!

Sarah said...

Have an awesome trip, Nancy!

Jess Martinez said...

Have fun!
You will be missed here in the Ed Suite! :)

Anonymous said...

Nancy, you'll have your own vacation bible school on this trip..what incredibly awesome beauty awaits you....especially for a gal who sees it everywhere eyes have seen, no ears.....Love your Trip!!!!(this trip you'll need the actual travel journal along with your other one!)i'll miss your observations but think of the wonderful time you'll be having "dressed to the nines" and perhaps, just maybe they'll have a disco night too!!!!!

Amanda said...

I hope you have the best time!

Ali said...

Turas maith, slán abhaile my friend.

The Powell Family said...

I am with you on the music from VBS-love it! Just wish I could get the wiki-wiki song out of my head. Wish I was with you on the trip. Have a blast!

Wils said...

have a wonderful tour Nancy! Look forward to hearing all the craic (Irish for fun!)