Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Howdy from Hubbard Glacier

Wow, this is a trip of a lifetime. I have so many stories to share and pictures...let's just say this is Tuesday and I already have way too many pictures.

Our trip here was full of adventure as the plane from Sacramento to Seattle was delayed over an hour. Holland America held the boat but we were running and praying for favor in doing so. Dena came up with a great phrase, "it is what it is." We are learning that really, we have no control over very much. I was officially the last person to board the Oosterdam.

We have seen wonderful things and God's hand is so evident. The past two weeks have been nothing but rain, but yesterday in Juneau we got one of the 44 days of sunlight they get each years. We went whale watching and had a spectacular view. We saw whales, sea lions, eagles and Dall porpoises. I will share more when I get home when Internet usage is much more affordable.

We should be pulling into the Hubbard Glacier bay in about 30 minutes. Tomorrow is Sitka. On Sunday we had beautiful sailing. The ship is fun and there are neat things to explore. I am so relaxed and thank God for His goodness to me.

Well, I just wanted to check in. Continue to pray for us. I am having the time of my life. I mean sitting at the Mendenhal glacier yesterday I was able to call Roy and tell him I love him, miss him and that I was calling from a glacier.

Be prepared for long posts coming up in the coming weeks.


Laurie M said...

That simple phrase, "It is what it is" gets us Mounces through many a day. Why didn't I learn that phrase BEFORE I turned 35? It is mystery to me.

So glad you are having a blast, Nancy!

Anonymous said...

We will be on the same ship and the same itinerary in August -- even the whale quest and Mendenhall excursion. So it is and will be exciting to read your posts.

We always expect a disaster a day on a vacation -- how else to remember what happened when (Oh yes, wasn't that the day of two flat tires...?) but I'm thinking that kind of memory boost may not be necessary for an Alaskan cruise!

Anonymous said...

lions and eagles and whales Oh My...I'm smiling hearing the joy in your voice!!!! Rock On!