Friday, June 6, 2008

Little =Lots

Love the mornings when one can ease into the day. Today is such a day. Although I have things that need to be taken care of, errands to run, and a packing agenda, it is important to my health and well being to start the day in a slow kind of way. I have even had an Internet quiet time and it doesn't take the place of my regular one.

I have come to realize something about myself, I love the daily and sacred ordinary of life. The little things bring me much joy. I love to see God's hand in the little surprises of the day. Joy from a phone message yesterday from Lisa P. She actually saw a chicken cross the road. Love it! CourtneyS and I split an egg salad sandwich at lunch. We planned for lunches that are yet to come and shared laughter over our funny stories that are now marvelously woven into our lives. Yesterday I received a note in the mail from Peggy and it made me tear up for a moment. Last night my nieces Megan and Erin called and we laughed till our sides hurt. I also got a pedicure last night and the conversation that Julia and I had was interesting and warm. In the course of talking she finally admitted to me what I knew all along, when she first began working on my toes and feet in 2004, they were in horrible condition. My feet and our friendship has come along way since then. Roy and I went out for ice cream last night and we were trying our best to crack the other one up. What if I didn't have this outlet to share the little things? Just rethinking yesterday has brought smiles to me this morning and gratitude to the Lord. He has blessed me with an awesome hubs and great friends.

In the daily and sacred of ordinary life disappointments will come. It is how we enter into the moment of disappointment that can define the day. Don't let little moments from the failure of expecting something good or having the hope that something may happen tempt you to fall into the frustration of disappointment. If we let the little disappointments begin to stack up, the next thing you know you are discouraged, then depressed and then brokenhearted. The good news is if you are brokenhearted over your life today or any day, Jesus came to heal the broken hearted. Just look at Luke 4:18. Jesus came to mend, restore, and fix the broken heart.

Word, deal with disappointments quickly or they develop and take on a life of their own. We all have set backs and situations...but don't let those little things build up and begin to define you. Don't let disappointments become a defining moment that you really don't want. Think about it, we all know and love people who have let the sadness and disappointments define them. They live out their life feeling guilty and making excuses for any moments of joy or happiness.

Let the little joys of the day build up because those joys built into life, become defining moments of peace, love and victory. In the midst of the storms or even just the breezes of life, joy lived out gives definition of a life lived in Christ Jesus.

Don't get me wrong, I love celebrating the big moments of life but who I am and what makes me run is the daily, creative routine, and the sacredness of ordinary and everyday life. That is what you are going to find here on monablog...a girl who loves the daily and finds her purpose and fulfillment in celebrating the little cause the little becomes a lot.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy,
Did Lisa find out WHY the chicken crossed the road? It would be nice to finally know. And was that egg salad sandwich a by product of Lisa's chicken? Love your blog. Enjoy your trip.


courtney said...

i thoroughly enjoyed the egg salad! next time you come for lunch, i'll make it. and better lemonade. that stuff was nasty. i can't believe we drank it and none of us said anything.

Ang baylis said...

I love love love your blog! I don't want life's disappointments to define me any longer! Thank you for sharing with your friends here in blog land!
Much love to you and your family!
Angie in Michigan

Lisa Pierre said...

Hey Darlene, yes, I found out why the chicken crossed the road--to get to the other side, honestly.... He would have died had he not crossed. I wrote about it in my "getting around, anyway" posted blog too. Did not hear from Nancy after the call-thought I was "On my Own."
Hey Nancy, I am proud of you for saying that your conversation with our friend Julia at NordSpa was "interesting and WARM!" I'm still giggling with your attempt to use those "cute and sweet" words... And yes, with Ang Baylis, love your blog-even when I catch up with it for days at a sitting.
Hey Courtney, I cannot believe you had a bad tasty beverage day - what's up with that? Life's too short... Drink WELL!