Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hmmmm...Strange Adventures

  • Went to the Kroger this morning and on the average I run into 2-3 HFBC people. Next time I need some fellowship, I am going to hang out at the Kroger.

  • Also while at the Kroger, I was putting groceries in the trunk and then did the good citizen thing and placed the basket in one of the basket receptacles. When I came back to my car, a little old man was sitting behind the wheel. When he saw me, he realized his mistake and sheepishly began to apologize. His car was one aisle over and he walked toward this junky blue car... What??? How could he confuse Mustang Sally with that?

  • Yesterday I had to run to the bank because my new ATM card wouldn't work. They realized what the problem was, fixed it, had me enter a new pin and I was on my way. As I was driving away I realized they never once asked me for any ID. He didn't know me and I go inside the bank about once a year if that...this has me just a tad worried and makes me think I should make a call to the bank.
  • I wrote the above on Friday and now it is Saturday evening. I just got home from an Astro's baseball game. I will be blogging about that soon and I have some fun pictures to post. It was not a strange adventure...but it was a fun evening with Lisa C, CJ, and Deborah T. Great seats but the Astro's lost.
  • I started using a new shampoo today. I like it. I bought the smallest size to try it out. Of course I cannot remember the name of it.

I have met so many wonderful people blogging. I am so thankful for y'all. Thanks for reading the blog. It is a joy and brings energy and delight to my life.


Ali said...

Nancy, you are just so funny.

I laugh my socks off at grandpa trying to steal mustang sally from right under your nose.

Lisa Pierre said...

I did the Kroger on Saturday too! Great minds think alike! My favorite purchase: cherries....

Anonymous said...

and thank you for writing the blog...even though we've never met (officially!!!...not even that day at starbucks mem city w/ lisa p) I so enjoy this blogging!!!