Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thoughts and Observations in No Particular Order

Have you noticed lately that almost everything these days is hand wash cold, line dry, and do not twist. Even clothes made out of 100% polyester have these recommended cleaning instructions. When did designers and clothes manufactors get scared of a little warm water or washing something on a gentle cycle in the machine? Who has this kind of time to do all these hand washables? I don't. I throw stuff in the machine and hope for the best. So far my method is working. No matter what product the catch line is, only 10 minutes out of your day. The problem for me is it is usually the 10 minutes at the time of day that I just don't have it to give. Today I noticed for the first time, the bathroom tissue we use is embossed with hearts. Wow, hearts. I wonder why?
Now I loves to have music everywhere in our home, but this is ridiculous!

One of my favorite things is to sit with Jerrell and Becky P at Retreat Staff meetings. For the most part the meetings can be interesting but from time to time they bog down a little with the long talkers. Of the three of us, Becky has the longest attention span. She has taught me so much like, the quadratic equation. Who knew the quadratic equation could be used for daily life. I've been using it and I didn't even know it. She taught us this by using the song... How Great is Our God.

How great is x-y>3a+e, equate with great,how great is the square.

We go from office to office singing this just to encourage and uplift our co-workers. Thank you Becky, I never knew math could be so much fun. I now have more purpose in life, I want to be a math nerd.

I have more things that I have been considering but I need to consider going to sleep now. All things math just takes it out of me. Besides, I have some hand washables to do and I need to clear some space to lay them out flat. I used to just move stuff to make room, but I have written out an equation that should make the task much easier and simplier... I will share it later. I mean if that doesn't make you want to come back to Monablog, I don't know what would.


Dana said...

Okay, what the heck does that clothing tag say?


Someone was a tad bit sleepy when they typed that one up.

Ali said...

I can answer the hearts on the toilet paper one. Here in the UK we used to have an advertisment on TV for toilet papaer and the strapline was 'Love your bum'

the parkers said...

I am eagerly awaiting the new equation so that we can make a song to sing at next staff meeting....they will be oh-so-blessed.

Wils said...

what's confusing me is how you can "COLD WASH SEPERATELY" something that can be "DRY CLDAN ONLY"???

I'd lie awake worrying about that all night Nancy.

Lisa Pierre said...

So from talking about tp to "sitting with Jerrell and Becky P" I was going in my mind to "why is she doing THAT with Jerrell and Becky P?"

Our minds.....hehehehehehe