Sunday, June 8, 2008

Astro Game with the Girls

Lisa C called me this week and asked if I would like to have a girls nite out at the ballgame Saturday night. Sure! So we met up at CJ's and proceeded to eat dinner at Bells and Whistles. It is right by the ballpark and the food is really good. For those of you who don't know, CJ's seats are right behind the Astro's dugout, first row.

Before we went to our seats we went to the bathroom. I was puzzled by the proper etiquette whether one should flush during the Star Spangled Banner. I decided it was more important to relinquish the stall than be patriotic. I did make it out of the bathroom just in time to stand behind Lisa, who was belting it out, singing the alto part, so I began to attempt to sing only off key right in her ear. She was very polite and moved to one side not to be near the terrible singer. It's OK, I just moved on with her. She turned to see who was the bad singer and we nearly dropped over laughing so hard. That was really fun. She was polite and a model Christian during the whole ordeal.

Cutie Brad is behind the plate again. It was a special thrill to be so up close and personal watching him come into the dugout. Did I mention how how handsome he is?
I think it is funny that the criminal court building in Houston looms over Minute Maid Park. Maybe it is to make you think twice before using performance enhancing drugs to keep on playing ball into your 60's or 70's. Or maybe it is there to remind Uncle Drayton what a crime it is to be charging those kinds of prices for food and drink. Although the cupcakes there are worth every penny.
By the third inning everyone had started amusing themselves the best way they could. CJ and Deborah began texting like mad women. I took a ton of pictures and Lisa kept us all entertained with stories. We were in the midst of a story when a foul ball whizzed over our heads barely missing us. I think if I thought of it, I could have put my hand up and caught the ball...well, I would not have caught it, I would have slowed it down and broke a couple of fingers.
Things stated looking up and the Astro's scored a couple of times. I made the scan tron big screen in the stadium. I made the cranium cam. It is where they first show you normal than make your head really large. It was a hoot to see my hair really spiked up. How I wear my hair now I call the look "prayer hair." Looks blown back by the wind of the Spirit. I was laughing so hard, I didn't take a picture of the big screen. Several years ago when I was at the ballpark with Peggy, we were on the screen for the longest time. We had no clue, we were in conversation and not noticing anything going on around us. Finally a guy behind us said, hey y'all have been on the screen forever. Well, that was nice to know. And we went right on talking.
Here is Lance Berkman going into the dugout.
This is Hunter Pence warming up on deck.
The following picture is my all time favorite of the night. I was taking a picture of the texing when Lisa leaned in and made this face.
So I am going to use the caption that I told her I would....
That Joe C. He is one lucky man waking up to this look every morning.
Thanks girls, I had a great time even though the Astro's lost.


Lauren said...

Lance Berkman went to Rice, you know. :)

Lauren said...

Oh, and Lisa C. was my 6th grade teacher. True that.

Lisa Pierre said...

You had to be leaning over away from the team, maybe taking pictures when they had you on the home TV 'cause I only saw CJ talking to her left. Sorry.
We enjoyed Friday night's win and fireworks with The Lees.

jaclyn said...

HEY! We were there on Sat. and I saw you on the cranium cam! Looking good! :)

Sarah said...

CJ, Lisa, and Nancy...a trio I sure love to pieces!

Emily said...

But did you eat cupcakes??????