Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welcome Guest Blogger

Tonight is a special treat. I have a guest blogger...first time blogger many time lurker. So enjoy her comments about this fabulous trip. We are killing a little time between dinner and the show.

Hello, blog-reading friends. I'm so nervous - this is my first blog (I just typed bog, which I am bogged down about what to say). Just call me a 'lurker'. I enjoy lurking on a few blogs. Today was the day we cruised at Hubbard Glacier, which is the only glacier in North America that is advancing rather than retreating. For me, I've never really paid much attention to glaciers, other than to think they are a force of nature. We sailed close enough to see the "calving", when chunks fall off, and the 'thunder' which is the noise it makes. I'll pay more attention to glaciers now, since I see one about every 50 years (that is nothing to a glacier). Glaciers make you feel really small and really young. While at the glacier, we had heard that you might see wildlife such as seals and maybe even whales. But, none were spotted. Although, I did make a special request of God while watching through the binoculars to show me a special animal treat. And, all of a sudden I spot a moose grazing along the shoreline. Could not see the moose with the naked eye, only with binoculars, and I know I'm the only one who saw him (or her) because nobody else said anything. I kept it a secret all to myself, because I knew it was a private showing just for me from God. This type of thing has been happening to Nancy and me for the past two days.

OK, we are getting ready for the after-dinner show, and afterwards the Superstar of the Oosterdam (like American Idol). My brother-in-law made the top ten and tonight the top ten sing again and the field narrows to five. As he said to someone "did you hear all the singers trying out? It's not that big a deal". Anyway, it's a fun thing for us to be so close to someone so famous. :)

Well, I better go and thank you for listening to guest blogger. It's been fun.

Wow, for someone to be nervous about what to write...she did a great job.! Talk about God doing something special. You may never get to read another post by guest blogger again. I am glad I was here in person to see this with my very own eyes.

Tomorrow we are in Sitka. It is a tender port. No that doesn't mean the people are really gentle, it means you get to take a boat into the shore.

We will post again real soon!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Dena! Great job! LOL

Anonymous said...

so fun to read a "bog" from another lurker...i've lurked here since she started blogging and i know you have met up with a special person.....so glad you had your binoculars---i told Nancy not to forget hers...May you see many more moose!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Teacher! Way to Go. Nancy is really getting you - (what's Pastor Gregg's word..oh yes, community) Nancy is getting you into her blog communtiy. Great job, but then you are a great communicator. Can hardly wait to hear about the adventures of Nancy and Dena not to mention seeing the fabulous pictures.

Nancy...does this qualify me for the drawing? You know I've never been to your favorite store.

Know you enjoyed the Butchart gardens today. They are gorgeous.

Have a safe trip home.