Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Mean, What Did I Ever Do To That Chicken?

Oh my, I think I may be out of the fog just a little bit. What fog? Food poisoning. Ugh, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Well except for loosing some weight, but I think I would rather exercise. I believe I might just be back on the road to the land of the living. I took a nap and rested most of the afternoon just to have the energy to take a shower. Of course my hair needs to be shampooed but I don't think I was up to wash, rinse, wash, rinse.

Chicken seems to be the culprit, again. You rarely hear of someone getting sick from cake, donuts or cookies. Well, technically they could because of eggs, but really, almost every time someone gets ill, it is chicken.

Other than eating something to take meds with, not too interested in food. Yet, one needs to eat to be restored and have energy. Crackers and Diet Coke will have to do the job right now. Although I did have a vitamin drink with lots of B vitamins. Hope that helps.

Changing into clothes has helped. I cannot believe I spent so much time in that pair of pajamas.

The good news is a new dryer to tackle the germs. On Friday the repair guy came. He came back Saturday fixed the dryer only to realize the heating element would not turn off. Saturday afternoon, new dryer being delivered. We are in awe in how quickly our things are drying. It takes forever up here on the 3rd floor because how the dryer ducts were installed.

I do not want to become one of those people who react to a symptom that can mean so many different things. I had to fight off the idea when the thought of walking from our bedroom to the kitchen included two rest stops on the way meant heart disease. Of course I knew it was from low or no stamina.

Buddy has been so good. She's been asleep at the end of the bed most of the time that I am...asleep, not at the end of the bed.

That's it for now.


Amanda said...

Oh dern! I'm sorry you got sick!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

So glad that you are better.....