Friday, February 26, 2010

THe Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth

Warning!!! This blog post is being written under the influence of Darvocet.

I had an abscessed tooth removed today. Seems like the thing just blew up in the past couple of days. What an adventure!

Always the prepared one, yea right, but I'm usually good to have a book and paper with me in waiting rooms. This morning I planned to work on a post using all the figure skating terms I could to describe the day. Since the parking garage at Memorial City Professional buildings is always a toss up and today no problem parking, I arrived early to the office. So, I thought I was in for a world of wait especially since the waiting room was full. Back to figure skating, I was especially inspired since watching the women's figure skating on TV last night. This post was going to be so full of triple toe loops, double toe, sokals, and the such, but I had no sooner sat down for my Dr. appointment when my name was called to come on back.

Did I bring my x-rays with me? I was asked. No, I cut out the middle man and came straight to the periodontist, I replied. It was fairly obvious something was amiss since my whole left side of my face was swollen. I should have taken a picture because it would be the perfect before and after picture of losing weight...all on one face, at one time. Dr. McCuttie came in and told me that I had an abscessed tooth, with a severe infection and the tooth could not be saved. Happy for me that it isn't a front tooth but one back out of sight. Did I have someone I could call to take me home after surgery? Poor Roy, he had just arrived at the office and had to turn around and come take care of me. I was trying to convince them that I could drive home but no was their only and final answer. After seeing some emails and texts I wrote after surgery, they were right to insist with the no.

It all went so quickly, IV inserted, two shots in my mouth and I don't remember another thing till I started waking up. They had me call Roy to tell him to stop at the Walgreen's in the building and pick up my prescriptions before coming upstairs.

My apologies to those I called and talked to after surgery. I think I called Carolyn to see how Dani was after her surgery. Good news, surgery was successful for Dani.

It is now February 27. This morning I looked under my pillow to see if the tooth fairy had visited me during the night. No such luck. I asked Roy if the Dr had even given him my tooth in order for the fairy to visit and Roy replied a disgusted NO! I'm rather disappointed. I hear the going rate for a tooth under the pillow is big bucks these days. Why...(she says in her little old lady voice) I remember it was a good tooth day if we got a quarter from the fairy. Some teeth were only worth a dime.

Going to try not using Darvocet today. We will see how that goes.

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ADW said...

What is it about anesthesia that makes one want to call everyone and run a conversation with them? I apparently did the same thing after my surgery in December. My friend who drove me home said I had a conversation with my mom, my dad, and someone else on the way home from the hospital. Thing is, I can't remember a word of what was said. I was under the influence of two shots of the good stuff, and probably would've told you all my deepest secrets! Glad you are feeling better. The darvocet should be fun, too!