Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not Growing Weary...Here, There or in Prayer

Many here in Houston are tired of the cold weather...not me. I love that February is actually acting like its supposed to, you know like winter. I've been able to wear my winter togs just a little bit longer than usual and that has been much appreciated. I'm not looking forward to those hot summer days that stretch on just a little too long and they will soon be upon us.

Target must have some kind of secret hypnosis going on in their stores. Why do I always come out of there with more than I intended to purchase? I went yesterday to buy vitamin waters on sale and get a free 8 pack of Power Aid, which Roy drinks. How did I come home with a brand new shower curtain, bathroom rug, towels, no two bathroom rugs, and washcloths? Oh I have forgotten the new liner, rod and rings. How did that happen? All I know is, all the new stuff looks really good in our bathroom. We basically had the same colors going on but it was time for a refreshing. You can tell by this we do not have a free standing shower and separate bathtub. We're cleaning up old school. Roy really liked the new look. He hardly ever notices stuff like this.

Today, I had a truly wonderful new experience. I got a massage...OK that's not new you are thinking. The new is, Stacey came to my home, complete with table and all the accessories that go along with a massage. It was really great to just relax in my own home after she left. I even pulled out my spa like robe to make the experience more meaningful. Meaningful isn't the word I'm looking for...authentic, that's it! I lighted some candles and played the most spa like music I have on my iPod for background noise. The most spa like music I have is music that puts you to sleep. Didn't think that would be wise. So, it was instrumental, Waters Edge. Buddy was a little bit interested in what was happening. She kept standing on her hind feet and patting my head with her paw. I saw what was coming though, she got a little playful and was trying to play with my face looking downward in the headrest on the table. It was kind of funny to see that paw coming through there, but she got bored with the whole thing and went back to sleep. In the days before my appointment I kind of wondered how to handle the differences of she coming to me instead of me coming to her. But wonderful, professional Stacey put my mind at ease before I could even vocalize my thoughts.

Last night Erin and I had dinner at Nordstrom. Her first visit to the Bistro and hopefully, not her last. We had a great time and took care of some nutritional business while we were at it. I worked with Debbie yesterday afternoon. She is helping me regain my functional fitness. Not bad way to start a week and the anticipated opening of the Nordstrom Rack on Thursday, can't forget about that. I sit here with an overwhelming gratitude to God, being able to recover from this two year ordeal and having the best people helping me with the process. Thankful for a loving and supportive husband. Thankful for friends and their encouragement along the way. Then my mind turns over to thinking and more importantly, praying for Dani. Dani is one of my good friends. Her talents in designing and presentation is off the chart good. While I was working for Jason, she saved my ____ many a time in planning and doing the events with me. In this time she and I became friends. I cannot tell you how much I love her. Roy and I both love Scott and Dani. She starts most conversations with, "hey hon." She is in the hospital with heart problems and she needs our prayers. Please join with me and with her thousands of other good friends and family in lifting her to the Lord.


courtney said...

I heard about this yesterday, I think. Praying...

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.