Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Week in the Life....

Ah Thursday night. It's quiet around these parts. Roy has gone to sub in a bridge game and Buddy is worn out asleep on the bed. I find myself in a very contemplative mood. For one thing I need to write down my thoughts for a list that my nutritionist has asked me to do. The Advantages list. For example, by giving up_______ I will be able to do_____. My slowness in completing this request is that I have thought so much about it and don't want to be "funny" with my responses. A lot of times I do these lists and I do them very flippantly. I regret that decision later on. It is really so much more than I can get my brain around. The thought comes to me at least twice a day, I will never have a day anymore where I can just throw caution to the wind and eat whatever I want. Probably more like, eat as much as I want. A bowl of chips and salsa come to my mind. I also think about my neighbor who is dying from some kind of stomach cancer and he is only eating bananas and soup. I thought he was getting so thin because of his grief over his wife dying an untimely death last year. He would love to be making the decisions I make every day over food choices. Perspective...

On Wednesday I had another appointment with Debbie. You wouldn't believe this, but I am unbalanced. Yea, no shock there. It is hard work trying to regain some functional fitness. I am very nonfunctional right now. There is some improvement though. We did not do the squeeze the purple ball of death and lift the hips at the same time on Wednesday. Guess Debbie just needed the peace and quiet. I think we all did.

I hate Excel. No news there but felt the need to say that.

Roy is taking tomorrow off to go to 2 Dr appointments. He wants me to go with him. Ugh! Well the eye Dr I don't mind cause I would like to help him pick out his frames. I'm thinking I can drop him off and then pick him up and use the time to run errands or go have coffee at Buffalo Grille.

Last Friday was haircut and highlight day out in the land of Sugar. Stevie and I decided to add some red to the caramel undertones and blond highlights. It felt too dark to me. Every time I looked in the mirror I saw ________, un-named person whose hair I don't particularly care for. One day I wouldn't like it, the next day I would think it was fine. I called Stevie yesterday and she could see me today at noon. So, I only went to core group at Bible Study and didn't stay for the lecture portion. Oh, there is much more happiness with my color this evening.

Peggy and I worked out at Lifetime on Tuesday. She ran into a former student who teaches a class there. Once we downloaded all our ailments to her after her kind invitation to come to class, we all agreed, we were better off working out on the machines. My new swimsuit came and it fits! Now I have to work up to actually get in the pool to do my aqua walking. Uh, don't want to mess up my hair color and I don't look particularly attractive in a swimming cap.

So excited that Bunko is a cowgirl theme next month. The rodeo will be starting on March 2.

A week from today Nord Rack opens. I told Gena, our discussion leader in Bible study, I will not be there next week due to the Grand Opening of the Rack. Oh Rack of Ages, clearance for me. Let me find some delicacies.


jsi said...

It is amazing how much it affects my day when i am unhappy with my hair. Glad you got a good fix. Have a great day!

Ali said...

You are so funny Nancy. What I'd give to see you squeeze that purple ball of death

Marty H said...

Your posts always give me lots of good giggles - thanks!