Sunday, May 28, 2017

I'm Back.....

It has been a little bit of time since I have blogged partly due to being busy but more so because of the loss of a blog post that I had worked on for quite some time. It was a favorite and it seemed to be more than just this is what we have been doing but it held some descriptive thoughts and feelings. When I came back to the post to publish was gone. Not in draft file, not anywhere, not here or there...Gone. The intense taste of discouragement grabbed me and I had no desire to come, sit before this screen and write again. Several days ago the stirring returned to write and and knowing to release the melancholy of loss would be most helpful. Sensing deep within my spirit that maybe all along that post was meant for me and not to share. So this Sunday morning, taking a sabbatical Sunday, I sit before the screen, with KHCB playing in the background and cup of coffee by my side. Buddy has decided not to come downstairs as of yet. She is ensconced in her blanket dreaming cat dreams.

The late night storms weren't as bad here as some we've had before. Lots of lightning and thunder but the rain seemed to be on the lighter side. Happy for the rain to help the newly planted azaleas that Roy put in this week as well as some knockout roses. We also planted some sunflower seeds that we harvested from last years flowers. I think I'll add a few more plants to the raised bed just in case none of the sunflowers come up. This past week has been rather rainy and we used the opportunity to do some projects that we've had on the back burner because good weather and roads calling out to us enabled us to go along our merry way. Roy put together this cheap, pressed wood bookcase with cubby holes, for things in the garage. Lots of parts for this "simple" bookcase and it took us all afternoon to get it together. We took the opportunity to clean out all the sawdust, obvious sawdust, from the porch and deck construction. Once the weather cleared we got some trees trimmed whose branches were obscuring our vision getting out onto the road. Saturday morning we gathered it all together and took it to the dump with so many other of our new best friends. The line was long but it moved along quickly. This week also included an A/C checkup and having a locksmith come to the house. Our front door lock and knob have been problematic. You never close the front door all the way because even unlocked, you were locked out. We were so pleased with the work done and we had some additional work done. We felt productive in getting things knocked off the to do list.

We went to the Biltmore Estate after a delicious lunch at The Moose Cafe Wednesday. We went for the ice cream and for a quick trip inside Traditions. The skies opened up and lots of rain fell. We waited out the worst of it with a group of senior citizens...we don't think of ourselves as part of that group unless there is a discount or close parking involved. I have noticed in past trips to the estate the tour bus groups pretty much resemble each other in that the ladies wear white pants...why? White pants are a magnet for stainage and messiness. Seems like most of the sightseeing is spent waiting and looking for the bus. These groups are traveling about the country, seeing things in fifteen minutes and using the rest of the tour time to wait for much anticipated busses. This group sent out a woman with an umbrella to scout out the situation...her report, no bus was found. So, they sat there staring off into space. The rain let up and we were up and out into the fresh rain cleansed air. They remained glued to their chairs, eyes fixed on the horizon waiting for that bus to take them to the next fifteen minutes of sightseeing. After we had made our purchases, we walked back to the truck and my phone rang but when I answered I couldn't hear anyone. This happened three times and I told Roy, I think this must be from the dentist office. Kind of makes me think of Paul's thorn cause this has been an issue.  Once we got to the truck I recalled the number and sure enough, it was. They had a cancellation at 11:00 and if I didn't mind waiting about an hour after my cleaning appointment, they would be able to work on my broken tooth and fill two cavities. Hallelujah! Not having to wait until August for this to happen and to have the tooth worked on before meeting with an oral surgeon in a couple of weeks...this made me so happy. It had almost been six weeks since the tooth broke, then maybe with an unnecessary root canal, with packing that only lasted six weeks, I was thrilled for a little closure. Love the dentist and his staff. They are so friendly and funny. Even with as much as I talk, keeping my mouth open for several hours was a little difficult. My cavities were in the front of my mouth. So with all the novocaine, my lips remained numb for several hours. I could not drink anything, out of a glass, bottle or straw without getting stuff all over me. It was rather comical. Because I hadn't had anything to drink since before my 9:20 appointment, afib made an unwanted appearance but it was soon dispelled by hydrating and getting some magnesium into me.

The past month has been busy and I am looking forward to a little down time in the coming days. I will make a drive by run to the imaging center for my bone density test on Tuesday. I kind of think I know where it is but want to make sure.

After a little rain, with no growth showing, this morning it is a different story about the sunflowers. The little flower bed has a lot growing, peaking through the soil. When they get a little bigger I might need to transfer and replant some of the plants. This makes me extremely happy.

I could blog more but y'all have to be tired reading all of this. Hopefully, you were able to read and not fall asleep.

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