Monday, May 29, 2017

Rain, Hair and Beauty

The afternoon has turned to cool temps and overcast skies. I think the rain is over pretty much for the most part. Buddy and I are being cooled by a breeze and Buddy is entertained by the various birds that fly close to the porch. Earlier this afternoon when it was rather warm, she sat at the front door indicating her desire for a porch visit. She won't stay out here by herself yet because if for any reason I need to go back into the house, she is pretty much my shadow. I love that she has discovered her new bed. It has taken her a while to cozy up to it. The birds are singing with such vigor, so maybe they are happy the rain has gone away for a time.

I listened to Second Baptist Houston on the radio this morning. Rev Young has been preaching on heaven. It was a good sermon. Of course the music in between the programs is what I like best. I downloaded some instrumental music today because if Alexa is being temperamental I can play music in the background.

One day,Tuesday, the power went off but our generator kicked in. Having no clue with propane and propane accessories, I asked Roy to look at the gauge to see if we were low. A little Carolina wren had built a nest under the cover protecting the gauge. Roy had to move the nest a bit and a little tiny egg rolled to the ground. You might as well put a knife through my heart at that moment. Then when the little wren came back to the now messed with nest and missing egg, she was distraught. She went into the nest several more times and then flew away. This wren was my morning wake up call singing so early in the morning. She has left and I am so sad. We never intended to harm but lesson learned. I mean really, what a smart little bird. Out of the elements, pretty much protected from a snake but it didn't figure on a propane gauge check.
Well, I was wrong, we received a little more rain yesterday afternoon. Nice cooling rain that makes porch gliding so enjoyable. As I expected, yesterday was a totally ensconced day, not even going to choir practice. The afternoon included a short nap. The Godfather I and II were on TV last night and I watched a little of both of those movies but AMC has way too many commercials which extends a movie began in the evening into the early morning.

FB has been full of pictures of a much looked forward to day. Jason Swiggart pastors HFBC's Cypress campus. They have been meeting in a school for four years. Yesterday, they celebrated their last Sunday in the school by remembering all the good things God has done and last night the lighting of the outdoor cross on the front of the new building was celebrated. Jason is the minister I worked for at First Baptist. His sweet spot is people and he looks like he is doing well with a job of ministry in the midst of Cypress. Many of the people there now were in Young Marrieds when he was over that portion of ministry at First Baptist. It is a joy to see all of this. Chambers, their oldest son, just graduated from Baylor. He was my first assistant when he was in the third grade.

The backyard is quiet now which is usually a good indicator that the feeder is empty. It will be a little later for me getting out there to remedy that situation for them. Today is treatment day with the hair product from France...just like the coneheads. It is a thickening product for hair, an oil left in for 10 minutes, then after shampooing, a liquid product goes into the hair, no rinsing. I can kind of feel a difference but I don't know. The essential oil does smell good so that's a plus. The stylist at the salon says I need this, I'm not too sure but this is much better than the every other day stuff she suggested. Oh there was a day that I would have dedicated that much time to my hair but meh.

Because there were two years with drought, this spring has been especially colorful in the hue of green. The grass and trees are verdant. With that backdrop the rich colors from flowers and ground cover provide an exclamation point of beauty. Think I will get out for a bit and enjoy this beauty until the clouds gather once again to provide abundance. The weather guys are saying rain and storms later today.

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