Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Rooster, Glider and Coconut Cake

Yesterday while cleaning and straightening things up in the kitchen, I took a picture of our kitchen table that is set into the bay windows. Saw an idea the other day about putting flowers in a wooden toolbox by using mason jars. So, I had this little one that I probably picked up at Target and used very small mason jars, also found at Target and cut flowers, not found at Target, and made an arrangement. Turned out kind of cute. This is the same table and window I took a picture of on an early Sunday morning, with the kitchen only bathed in light from a night light and contrasted with the snow outside the window. Turned out kind of cute. So this summer, I think I will take a picture of this same scene and then take one in the fall.

I am again defending the birds from stray cats wandering through. An orange cat just came through the backyard and chased off two Eastern Towhees either fighting or going through a mating ritual. Who knows? It all looks to be the same. Last night Bunny Foo Foo let me get kind of close. Last year Inez told me they get so drunk or enamored with clover they will let down their guard somewhat.

In 2015 we had indigo buntings visit the bird feeder then last year, we didn't ever see one. This year, I have seen one. I thought it was an indigo but put it on FB to get verification from my learned friends. I have seen a couple of hummingbirds too, so got those feeders out and then I found the ant deterrent.
Oh Tuesday morning, filled with sunshine and cool temps, welcome. I noticed along the roads yesterday that the wild blackberries are in bloom and not by coincidence, the temps will be much cooler on Friday. For now the house is quiet. No one came yesterday to work on the porch because of the rain. That doesn't mean I wasn't working. My brother arrived Sunday afternoon and he is the guru of DIY projects. But I am getting ahead of myself. Anyway, he arrived and after a short meet and greet and hug, we were off to Addison Vineyards so he could see the views and do a wine tasting. We had a good time visiting with the owner and learning so much, not only about the wine making but the process of going into the business. Since I don't really drink wine much I only took a sip of the mead Doug tried. It was very tasty. We left and drove around the countryside both around here and in Madison County. The surprise of the day was supper because I had fixed a roast in the crock pot. It was a mixture of an old recipe and a new recipe.

Doug came with me to my workout but he decided to read and do some research for finding a porch glider. I have never used Craig's List and he found a set of chairs and glider, only to find out it had been sold. So, to ease the disappointment of missing out on that grouping, we headed over to Blue Rooster in the pouring rain. Lunch did not disappoint and we have another person who loves them some Blue Rooster. We went to an antique place outside of Waynesville which is really a hit and miss place. I have found some things there that I treasure but most of the time the place is a a huge miss. We got a few ideas yesterday for some things but we walked away empty handed. Since we were taking the back way home due to all the traffic because of land closures on 40, a quick visit to Main Street Mercantile was in order. Saw a couple of things that I might go back to purchase. We then took the back way to 40 and ended up going to Antique Tobacco Barn. I like to start out on the left side cause that is where I have found things I love and as we were beginning our jaunt I saw a glider and two chairs. Doug did the check of condition and declared it a good find. He also suggested we make an offer lower than the price. We walked around but I could not get that glider out of my mind. Then I got panicky thinking everyone who had entered the place was going to buy that glider before we returned to the front of the building. The owner accepted the offer and the glider and chairs were loaded in the back of the the truck and we were on our way. After we dropped off the furniture, we went to Lowe's to get the supplies that Doug would need to begin the work of restoration. Supper was Sonic and after that we started in. We bought a cordless drill but progress was slow and the evening wearing on. I found a corded drill in Roy's tool box and that sped up the process. Then Doug sprayed on the naval jelly. This morning we should get the first coat of paint on everything and then head out to do more looking and enjoying one another's company. I am up early to let the crew into the garage and I am glad Doug is getting some sleep.

So that's a wrap for now.

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