Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Can't Take Another Sad Animal Story Right Now

With heat advisories in Houston and experiencing mid day energy depletion while out and about running errands, it is no wonder that I have been reading like a wild woman, indoors. I've been knocking off books in my to be read pile in record time. I started a new book yesterday and had to stop reading it when the main character accidentally shoots her dog. Maybe I will try to start it again but I don't know, it is tough getting past that. Over the weekend I read a book that I've anxiously waited for the release of, Let's Take the Long Way Home, a memoir of friendship. On the inside of the jacket of the book is this quote, "It's an old, old story: I had a friend and we shared everything, and then she died and so we shared that too." So, I know going in one of them dies so I was braced for that moment, but what I wasn't prepared for were words concerning the long time four legged friend of the writer and that precarious adventure. I was crying, ugly crying on Sunday night as I finished the book. Dang it, I was saddened by her friend's death but totally unprepared for the rest of the story. Last night I began Laura Bush's book and I really like it so far. Nothing sad better happen to an animal in her story, I just can't take it right now. It is strange how we can or how I can get so moved by animal stories. Maybe I was more sensitive because Buddy the cat has been much more loving and affectionate lately. She cannot get enough of me, my lap and having the side of her head rubbed.

This morning was my monthly massage with Diane. She has done a wonder with my shoulder. Her deep tissue massages are the bomb and it grieved me something awful to tell her I didn't think I could take it today. Being on blood thinners and bruising easily made that decision for me. It was still good. After drinking an Energizer smoothie, I was off to Anthropologie with a 15% off birthday coupon for my total purchase. I've had my eye on some small plates and bowls and a few other fun things. Of course I had to stop at Barnes and Noble, since I was so close. It was not a wasted trip. Now I'm fight the urge to nap.

Roy bought some purple hull peas on Saturday morning at the farmer's market and I made them on Sunday evening. So tonight, we will have the last of the leftovers, along with sliced home grown tomatoes. Nope, I didn't grow them but somebody at their home did. And it has been ever so delightful to have no sugar added ice cream with strawberries. We eat them according to the correct portion, so you know that means about a 1/2 cup of ice cream and a whole bunch of berries. No animals were hurt in doling out the half cup portion.

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Anonymous said...

I laugh every time I visit....thanks for keeping me in smiles for the afternoon.....love you! Em