Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Taking a Momentary Break From Peace to Bring This Safety Message

Everyone and their cousin must have been in the medical center today. The traffic was backed up worse than usual and people were everywhere. After negotiating several difficult traffic moves I was able to make a right into the valet parking area of the garage. Today everyone must have wanted to be Valerie Valet because the line and the waiting was longer than usual. After a few minutes and nearly being rear-ended by the old fellow behind me, the valet guy cutting through betweem us was the only reason the old guy didn't bump into me, because he bumped into the guy. Bet his car had a suspicious new dent on it when he picked it up. The valet guy was pretty steamed. With a few minutes to spare I decided to use the restroom located on the 19th floor where my Doctor office is. Great timing, the bathroom is being cleaned but the lady working in there must have noticed my face was conveying the message of, please oh please let me use this bathroom. The last words she said to me were, be careful the floor is very wet. Since I take safety seriously I decided to use the handicap stall since it is spacious and I felt I would maneuver the wet floor better there. I mean there is a railing and everything. So if you take one wet floor and new slick bottomed boots and add one klutz what do you get? Uh, you get a great big fall on the freshly mopped floor. Believe me a clean floor was the only thing going for me. For the life of me I don't know how I was able to recover so quickly and get up. I do know that I did a triple lutz toe loop spin that ended in a split, which by the way, I've never been that flexible to do one. Well, it's a new day in the split world for me. I think I scrambled so quickly because the main door to the restroom was open and I didn't want anyone to find me laying or lying on the floor mooning the world. I gathered myself, washed my hands and my arms too, reapplied lipstick and limped out the door none the worse for the wear.