Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sales, Shoes and Parking Lots

I know this will be difficult to believe, but the Anniversary Sale at The Nord doesn't really interest me this year.  The catalog has great clothes and even with my secret code to view everything on sale online, not much is tempting me.  OK, a necklace, but that is about it.  I even looked at all the offerings of home goods, not much grabbed my attention.  Guess this is due to the fact that outfitting a new home has a greater hold on me this season.  I'll not go into fall fashionable and attractive but wearing  clothes from last season or even a couple of seasons ago.  Not too much to really think about since I nearly live in work out clothes, t-shirts and sweatshirts at the first hint of cooler temps and only have to dress up a little more for Bible study, church and all the social events not on my calendar. 

Dani met Roy and me at the hard to find granite yard yesterday.  Quick work in hot heat.  So counter tops are ready to roll.  Roy and I are heading out that way this evening to do a little peek a boo on progress.  All the brick and stone work should be done, well except for around the missing window, the window of opportunity.  When God hides a window, you get an upgrade on a door. 

I happened to be by the preschool area of the church last week.  Talk about  carpet ADD or carpet vomit.  There must be at least four different patterns in that short hall way.  Surely someone notices how bad that looks.  I still believe that the church is the showroom for Carpet Giant due to all the different patterns and textures available.  Think I will go back and take pictures for the blog. 

The morning has been somewhat productive in packing.  I went through shoes again and there are a lot more heading out the door to our BFF's, Goodwill.  I am embarrassed to tell you how many pairs of flip flops I own.  Really!  Funny, I tend to wear the ones I bought for the Rosemary Beach vacation, one pair brown and the other black.  Much more support than regular flip flops.  I have corralled the flip flops into a dairy packing crate and will need to expand to a second crate because the tower of shoes keep tumping over. 

Before the granite yard yesterday, I ran to The Container Store for a couple of sale items.  I was limited on time, so I only picked up a few things on my list and plan to make a return trip soon.  The strangest thing happened in the parking lot.  As I was getting out of my car I heard someone yelling but I didn't see a soul.  The voice was coming from the backseat of a SUV parked nearby.  The voice was mean, mad and violent in the demands it was directing toward me.  Of course ID TV went through my head as I walked away and wouldn't look or make eye contact with the voice.  He became even more agitated and made even more angry threats.  I halfway believed I would be shot or tackled as I made my way toward the store.  Once inside, I became a little more unnerved.  I decided I would ask for security...SA.CUR.I...TY to walk me out to my car.  Probably the staff in the store had me under surveillance because I kept going to the front of the store to see if the SUV had left yet.  When I checked out, I asked for security and the really nice woman from the store said she would walk out there with me.  I appreciated the offer but nothing says I'm serious about security than a golf cart and a uniformed driver carrying a flashlight.  We got halfway to my car and I noticed the SUV was gone and I assured the nice woman that I could make it the rest of the way.    I still have some leftover PTSD from an incident that happened as a child.  My mom left my brother and me in the car while she went into the bank.  A stranger danger man started banging on the car windows and he was yelling to let him into the car.  He hurled quite a few threats our way including death.  Funny, my brother and I didn't say a word to my mom at the time.  We knew it would upset her more than we were scared.  I don't think we told her about the incident until we were both in our twenties.  Even back in the relatively safe days, there were crazies out and about, hanging out in parking lots. 

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Jennifer said...

I too think the carpet in the kids area is just ugly and weird. Even EmmyKate said it didn't look right and that's coming from a 5 year old!