Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Just In...Tropical Storm in the Gulf...

Nothing like a tropical storm in the Gulf to energize everyone.  Last night on the news, several channels had reporters at Home Depot, grocery stores and at the American Red Cross.  For a brief moment in the coverage I had the urge, nay, the compunction to run over to Kroger and pick up hurricane food.  That urge subsided but then I almost left to run over to the late night Shipley's and pick up some donuts.  Nothing says survival like life ring shaped food.  My crazy friend Debbie and I always thought donuts should be in supply for any long term rain shower.  Needless to say, I stayed at home flipping between Toddlers and Tiaras and Dance Moms.  Wow, there is a whole lot wrong with those shows and there must be something wrong with me wasting time watching them.  You can be sure I will repeat the same pattern next Wednesday night.  ID TV also has I Married a Mobster on at 9:00.  I would like to watch that too and one thing we are going to get when we move into the new house is DVR.  We don't have it now and didn't think we would ever have anything that we would want to record and watch.  Well that is until this highly stimulating, educational programming hit.   

Yesterday I got to play chauffeur for a friend who had a medical appointment.  The waiting room was stocked with drinks, snacks and samples of Dove and Aveda products. Free Wi Fi to boot.  How can one not enjoy the wait with those options.  The chairs were comfy and I came prepared to read last months Texas Monthly about the battle over Camp Mystic in the hill country.  Growing up here, I didn't run with the crowd that went to Camp Mystic or Camp Longhorn.  I once got to go to a dude ranch though.  No my camp experiences were mainly at Peach Creek Baptist Assembly Camp and one year a camp in Illinois, Camp Ill-Mo.  In retrospect, I hope the name of that camp has been changed.  I only got to read a little of the article because there was so much to amuse myself with.  And my friend got to sit in the waiting room while they sent off stuff to the lab.  So we chatted over coffee, Diet Coke and animal crackers.  Almost like we were on vacation except she has never ever packed a hospital gown, much less worn one on any of our trips.  And just like vacation we like to valet park and then we searched for someplace to have lunch after everything was wrapped up.  To make the whole  time complete, we drove though Mc Donald's for a snack size Rollo McFlurry.  I wish I never read what Amanda had to say about the goodness of the Rollo McFlurry.  They are so good!  Well, actually I am thankful that I read her review, cause with the house and all the emotional eating that has gone on during the ups and downs of this adventure, the Rollo McFlurry has eased some of the anxiety and stress.  Oh yes, that and God's Word. 

This morning I met Marsha T for breakfast at Le Peep.  We had a great time catching has been awhile since we've sat down and talked.  We have been more or less grabbing bits and pieces of conversation in the hallways of church or in the loft.  Afterwards, I went next door to Tanglewood Gifts and ordered some "new address cards."  That didn't take too long, so then I was on the phone looking for someone to go to the house with me.  I don't really like going in by myself when all the workmen are there.  Didn't have any takers, so I ventured alone.  Made the obligatory stop for a Diet Coke with Lime and then headed on my way.  The house was locked when I arrived but workmen were leaving.  I had to go and find Jamin.  We went back to the house but realized the doors were locked because they had floated the floor for our wood flooring or for those professional types, floor treatment.   They had done a lot of work on our outdoor fireplace, so that was good to see. 
Jamin took me over to another house being built like ours so I could check the measurement for a couch.  They went with travertine floors and a brick island.  They also had all  the embellishments for the dining room and bedroom that were in the model home.  I still like our choices better, well except for our garage door color.  The sample and the actual look didn't look anything alike.  We are working with them to see if we can get the door painted in one of the neutral colors we picked.  If not we'll be out there with paint and rollers after we get moved in. 

On my way home I stopped in at Basset and paid the balance for the furniture we ordered in June.  I also added another couch for the family room but we'll have to wait a month before it gets here.  And now I'm home listening to the rain and Buddy is sitting in my lap trying to help me write.  

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