Monday, August 1, 2011

The Re-purpsosed Driven Life

The Toyota service has kind of messed up our Saturday morning plans.  Roy had a 7:30 appointment to have Sequisha's oil changed and have all the required maintenance taken care of so the stupid light will stop flashing.  Usually, he is out of there by 9:00 and our plans were to go to Le Peep for our last Saturday morning breakfast, well last as in living in this area of town.  Doesn't look like it's going to happen.  He took the book Unbroken to read and I'm here packing up misc items that we can't quite do without thus, we are moving them until our attention is directed to them once again.  I'm taking a break, I can only do so much wrapping and packing on just a snack of a banana. 

My designer vocabulary has increased in these past months.  As I have written before, coffee tables and end tables are now called accent tables, but it seems a bit redundant because when referring to an accent table one must delineate where the accent table should be located.  I have recently learned the term "floating a couch" and all that means is this, it is a couch that is not pushed up against a wall or windows.  It is a couch floating in the middle of the room.  I prefer floating couches due to the fact that for so many years because of a room's design, the only choice I had was shoving a couch against a wall.  The new look in fencing is called "friendly neighbor fence."  This is a wooden fence that alternates the slats so that no one only has one side of the fence.  Our fence is mostly complete and we are happily surprised to have a little more backyard than what we thought we would have.  Of course there are the old standbys of window treatment and floor covering.  The hottest buzz in the midst of all these floating couches, accent tables and window treatment is, re purposed.  So much of the furniture I've been looking at is re-purposed.  Re-purposed is just a relevant term for used.  The wood can be from an old barn, an old house, a junk yard or garage sale.  I've been contemplating a desk made of re-purposed wood from China.  Something tells me, it is faux re-purposed wood. 

All this attention of re-purposed materials has me thinking a tab bit on the spiritual side of life.  God's purpose and plan for me has never changed, He knew all that before I was even born.  Which, we are going to take one of those famous Monablog detours right now.  There are a lot of songs written that say something to the effect of, He died for me and He didn't even know me, He gave abundant life to me and He didn't even know're getting the drift.  That might be a really sentimental and poignant thought but it is biblically untrue.  Psalms 139 comes to mind and dismisses the whole, He didn't know me but...thought.  These kind of songs are usually Southern Gospel in nature and Enlighten on XM Sirrus radio has been my choice of station for the past few months.  Anyway, I digress.   Oh yes re-purposed life. Some say re-claimed in this genre of reusing materials.  I find myself re-purposed and re-claimed.  Bad decisions, believing people who I shouldn't have, bad self image and self talk took me farther away from God's original purpose for my life.  Thank God, He's reclaimed me and re-purposed me to use me in the way He plans.  Most of that re-purposed wood from barns and homes look really good by floated couches, accent tables, window treatments, and floor coverings.  May my life be just as beautiful in the Master Carpenter's Hands.

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