Monday, March 8, 2010

Conversations, Rodeo, The Lord, The Nord, The Mouse, The Master

*** Blogger is not letting me move my pictures. These sheep have nothing to do with Thursday but everything to do with Friday at the Rodeo. Thanks.*****

Wow, what an incredibly exciting weekend! How incredibly tired on Monday morning. Actually, the fun began on Thursday evening. My friend Beth was in town and we were able to grab some dinner and some much needed catch up time. Beth and I have known each other since elementary school and have been good friends since high school. We have walked through many seasons together and when we get to see one another it's as if time and distance have never existed in our friendship. We pick up where we leave off and our conversations which lean to the deep side and our laughter which leans to the silly side, make up for the time with Beth in Gig Harbor and me in Houston. Our depth and silliness has changed very little over the past 38 years, only the topics and stages of life. We still act like we are 17 years old when we get together, but evermore we are reminded that we are in our 50's, see topics and stages of life conversation. The few hours we got to spend together were wonderful.

Friday morning Dena and I headed over to the ro-de-oooooo for some shopping, oh and some agricultural education. Who am I kidding, we watched 5 and 6 year olds do some mutton' bustin' while we ate lunch. Of course I took pictures of the sheep. But that is about as close to anything agricultural for us on Friday. We were all about supporting the economy on Friday. We returned to our favorite vendor, CR Ranch @B4044. She has all types of neat shirts, pajamas, etc... I fell in love with her stuff last year and wasn't disappointed this year. We did our rodeo transportation much differently this year. We did not park on site and then wait for the kindness of a golf cart to get us back to the trams, we parked at Reed Road and took the bus. Much nicer and better run experience. After seeing just about everything that has to do with vendors, we decided there was still time in the day for a trip to Nord Rack and an early dinner at Grand Lux. I have to tell you, it has been a long while since I have done so much back to back to back activities. I was a very tired cowgirl upon returning home in the evening.
Saturday, we met my parents for lunch. Afterwards. Roy and I ran errands to finish up getting everything he needed for his mission trip. When we got home, I crashed for a nap. Seems like nap taking has taken a back seat in life these days and has been relegated to Sunday. Think my body was still trying to recover.
Of course Sunday morning, church. Since Roy had a luncheon to attend, I had lunch with a friend at The Nord. Such a nice transition into Sunday afternoon. The added thrill to my experience was shopping and buying some Bermuda shorts and capris in Point of View. My first purchase for me on the second floor of the Nord.
Last but not least, Thursday morning was the seminar with Derric Johnson, 15 Things I Learned From the Mouse That Can Be Used For the Master. Awesome and time well spent. So many things he said have been in the forefront of my mind this weekend. Peggy and I attended this on Thursday morning at First Baptist. Think I will save my thoughts on this for another post.
Don't forget to register for the give a way! Comment on March 2 post. If you don't happen to live in Houston, you can still register. I can do different gift cards for stores in your area. Oh, I have since lost another pound. Wow! It is hard for me to get my brain around... Hopefully the pound loss is not from a shrinking brain!
Have a Happy Monday! It's raining here in Houston, but don't let rainy days and Mondays get you down. Bahahha.....A little soft, adult contempo humor.


Marty H said...

For sure it isn't a shrinking brain! Mine might be shrinking as we managed to get out for our walk about a minute before the hardest rain of the day hit. We got home a bit soaked despite the golf umbrella 1 mile later.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Please give me your secret on the weight loss....I need to lose 20 and cannot budge a pound....

Loved your sheep.....

courtney said...

I am realizing that there have been far too many times that I read your blog and move on to the next one with a Carpenters' song in my head.