Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break with Nancy Mon

It is a beautiful spring day on the last day of winter here in H-town. Tomorrow a winter cold front is coming through on the first day of spring. Only in Houston. I've had Mustang Sally out quite a bit this week which in this type of weather makes errands all types of fun. Although with the coming of spring comes the wonderfully and oh so loverly yellow oak tree pollen that coats everything in its path. I'm considering standing outside for a while and hopefully yellow pollen will strategically land on my roots and I will look blonder. It's just that if I was around anyone allergic to this dustin' of pollen, they made sneeze their heads off. Our Camry is thickly coated yellow. Sally seems to brush off the pollen a little easier. I thought about taking the cars to be washed but it is futile. They will look yellow by the morning.

Monday evening was Cowgirl Bunko at CourtneyS. We had delicious chili and tamales. And blackberry cobbler which I only took about 2 tablespoons of a serving. It was delicious. Once again Linda S volunteered to pick me up and we had a blast coming and going to bunko. Our trip was adventure free this time, but there is always the hope of next time. Since I had been rodeo shopping at Reliant Arena and since Bunko was rescheduled, I was able to wear my cowgirl shirt that I had bought. Now there is a lot of talk about Mutton Bustin' and I even happen to know a Mutton Bustin' champion and buckle wearing winner, but the term mutton bustin', soon became button bustin' in our vernacular. Dena and I love CR Ranch and we always go see what the ladies have when we go rodeo shopping. The shirts are rather fitted and I bought mine thinking it would be next year before being able to wear it. To my surprise, it fit but I wasn't too sure how secure the bustin buttons would hold being a tad tighter in the "Betty" arena. I'm happy to report the buttons held all night. No ones eye was put out with a flying star shaped button during a wild wrestling in grabbing part of a bunko.

The week has been a quiet one. Buddy got to have the spa experience for cats on Tuesday, a mani pedi and a bath. They said she was well behaved. Some cats have to be anesthetized just to get a bath. They are so wild and unruly. Buddy was a tad cool towards me once she got home but warmed up and was sitting in my lap in no time. She waited to show her displeasure until bedtime. I was falling asleep and she attached my head. my lightning quick reflexes of yore returned to me briefly that night and I grabbed her before she could get away and hide under the bed. Buddy was quickly banished from the bedroom and I enjoyed a full night's rest with her eviction from my presence.

Today my BFF, Goodwill, got 9 bags of clothing from the closet and dresser. Nothing fits, everything is too big. Nice problem. So I really did spring cleaning and have been loading the trunk of the Camry all week with clothes. An article this week explained the spirituality of de-cluttering ones life. The article isn't even from a Christian source but from one of the websites that emails encouragement to those of us in the throes of weight loss. This de-cluttering has been a process since Christmas. Without me realizing it in the arduous process, God's been showing me through all this sorting, giving and throwing away the work He is doing inwardly in me. Maybe He has been showing me all this and I'm just now taking the time to pay attention.

Wednesday found me at The Nord for triple point purchases. I was so intimidated to shop on the second floor. Where does one begin? How would I know which brands run small and which are true to size? I asked for help and a wonderful clerk, Rhoda helped me. For all you Bad Seed fans out there, I still had Rhoda....bahahaha.... Watch the movie. Anyway, she was most helpful and we found most things on the sale rack. This morning I went back to The Nord and took back clothes that I had bought just a couple of months ago that are now way too big. A nice trade off financially. And score parking bonus, I parked in my favorite parking space both trips.

Wednesday night Dena and I experienced a Red Sea like miracle. She picked me up after work to go to dinner but first she needed to pick up some new glasses at Eye Master, the one in Highland Village. Since parking is always a crap shoot around there, we decided we would takes our chances in crossing Westheimer to get over to Escalante's. If you live in Houston you know what Westheimer looks like at rush hour. God parted the traffic going and coming back. The only cars we saw were from a distance. Guess who we ran into...not on the street but in Escalante's? Roger and Mary Ann B! As we were leaving, we went over to interrupt their date night. It was great seeing them except that Mary Ann totally snubbed me. Not really! She and Dena had some prayer talk items to discuss.

Had dinner at Buffalo Grille last night. My food journal will not be the same-o, same-o this week.

Today on the last day of winter, I had my first pedicure of the spring. I went to the spa at Lifetime to have it done. I just wasn't in the mood for a "Beautiful Nail" type experience today. Since my toes aren't showing in the winter, I don't get regular pedicures like I do the rest of the year. I didn't want to hear all that foreign talking with laughter and begin to feel insecure because of course I KNOW they are laughing about the poor and sorry condition of my feet and nails. Yes, I have read So Long Insecurity by Beth, but she didn't really cover this subject by name. Thus, my choice of Lifetime where they only have 2 chairs for pedicures. One thing that surprised me, she used a Jr blade on my feet. I haven't had that done in years. Of course I was texting Lisa P...she's using the blade. This is in reference to one of the funniest stories I have ever heard. Ask Lisa to tell you and be ready to laugh until you cry. Since it is the first pedicure of the season, the choice of color had to be bright pink. My feet are finally fit for flip flops.

Well, I better go see what I can rustle up for dinner. Then I'm finishing up some projects. Roy will be shocked when he returns home to see some of these long term projects finished and put up.


Marty H said...

I laughed so much about your pedicure insecurity - Beth should have at least included this in her book. Maybe she will add another chapter on the second printing! Glad you had a good and productive week.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I am so ready for weekly pedicures and flip-flop only weather and we are suppose to get cold rain this weekend....

Loved to hear about your week.......

I had an 8 hour date with 10 year old Parker today and it was heaven on earth....

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