Saturday, October 23, 2010

Updates and My Chaka Khan Procedure

The past several days I've attempted posting pictures from our Friday in Huntsville. Blogger hasn't been cooperating. I finally got several pictures up and then they disappeared once the post was ready to be published. So, I'll give it another try soon but today thought words will have to do.

Roy has been in Madisonville for the Mushroom Festival. No, he isn't an affection ado of fungus. I usually have to compromise with him every other pizza to get mushrooms on the veggie edition. His photography class was going there to take pictures and to celebrate those who won or placed in the photography contest. Roy didn't place and he seemed a bit discouraged but my goodness this is his first attempt. Although this is the man who shed a tear when he made a C in a class in law school. In all his years of schooling, he had never made a C. In my academic world of experience, a C was the new A. But he has been taking a lot of pictures and having a good time doing it. I knew I wouldn't be able to withstand the rigors of recording the choir CD this weekend. So I took it easy with a pecan pancake breakfast and some shopping this morning. Came home and took a nap. Ah bliss... Roy called just awhile ago and told me he stopped in Huntsville at The Farmhouse and is bringing home some strawberry cake for me.

I have been contemplating for some time about doing an artful journal. So, I have picked up a few interesting things here and there and procured some double stick tape and I made my first page yesterday. It was fun. Since the extent of my artist endeavors and expertise is stick figures, I bought some fun books full of stickers to use. Those have been quite useful. I picked It is Well With My Soul out of the Methodist Hymn book that I bought last week and used it in my journal collage. This Methodist hymnal also has In the Bleak Mid Winter in it. Now that is a hymnal!

I am now referring to the Cardioverson as my Chaka Khan procedure.

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