Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's Up Wednesday?

My TV viewing has picked up recently.  I'm not really much of a viewer on most days or evenings for that matter...except for recently.  From time to time I'll watch a little Housewives of________.  I think Orange County is what Bravo has been showing.  And last night while flipping through the channels, I came across Mob Wives.  Honestly, I have just seen the end of this show before but I had no clue when it is on, so apparently Tuesday night must be the regular time.  It is difficult at times to watch these melt downs, especially between friends because it is mainly between friends, not significant others.  There is a lot of superficiality going on.  Yes, it had me hooked last night. 

We can be just as shallow in the church world.  If we have any Christianise about us at all, we know if we really want to be shallow or want to share some juicy piece of "news", you put the information in the form of a prayer request.  You talk low, make the concerned face, get the holy voice in gear and then generously add the following words to whatever "prayer request" you're sharing...(I know I have said this before but bear with me), sweet, precious, treasure, cherish, and if you want to be too hip to be square (80's shout out) you add relevant buzz words, ramp up, unpack and amazing, amazing.  Amazing, amazing has to come in sets of two to be relevant right now.  Hopefully those of us living in church world don't have husbands, ex husbands, former husbands, fathers, or uncle that can be called at a minute's notice for some disrespect dealt out and that the previously mentioned guys don't go around whacking someone if things get a little too personal in Bible study or the like. 

A couple of days ago I told y'all that I.D. TV was my new favorite channel.  Note to self, quit watching and falling asleep with murder investigations going on as background noise.  This has led to some crazy dreams. 

We have a charitable organization coming on Friday to pick up furniture that we won't be taking in the move.  Then once I get back from my 30-A trip, I can begin in earnest getting stuff boxed up.  There will be more room to store all the boxes.  For once I am ahead of the game and have most everything packed.  It was bugging me, packing, and the chore of doing so was hanging over my head.  Thus I wasn't getting anything done, I just felt overwhelmed.  Roy told me today he has 16 more boxes in his office to bring home.  Love having access to all those 20 lbs boxes of copy paper, complete with lids. 

OK, guess it is time to get back at doing something productive.  Obviously, I have nothing to blog about but that doesn't stop me from taking a break and writing about nothing, just so I can feel like my short break was productive.  Next time, I'm taking a nap. 

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