Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Busy Week Recap

So we officially worked in the yard today.  Not that we haven't before but today we actually put together some plants in the planters for the front entrance of the house.  Then we replanted some geraniums and trimmed back the illegal bougainvillea.  We ordered some planters with a trellis for the jasmine we bought a couple of weeks ago.  While Roy went off to take some pictures, I swept and cleaned up our mess.  Just messing around with plants made me feel like an official rancho de five resident.  Flags are up on the medians for President's Day.  They are the official flag approved by the Rancho's HOA.  You pay this guy $50.00 a year and he will place and remove an American flag on your property six times a year.  All other flags are illegal and will be reported.  A new neighbor has moved in on the street behind us.  They have placed Fleur De Lise in several flower beds and they also fly a spring/Easter flag.  Wonder if they soon will be getting a letter? 

Last week was a rather social week for me.  Monday I met Dena for dinner.  Tuesday, Roy and I went with Bill and Peggy to Salt and Pepper for Valentines.  The food was awesome, but we had a waiter that doesn't have too much of a future in waiting tables.  We ended up having a dining experience but we were able to amuse ourselves.  Wednesday night choir, Thursday took the night off while Roy went to his photography class and Friday night we had dinner with David and Emily.  She cooked the most delicious dinner and then we all headed over to Stages to see Late Night Catechism.  Two Friday nights in a row of pure fun and laughter.  Roy has a personal record going...he won his 5th prize at a nun themed show.  He was raised Catholic and went to parochial school till high school.  He has won holy cards, glow in the dark rosary, St Francis statue and Friday, he answered correctly what a stigmata is and won a "I'm Catholic, call a priest in an emergency" card, complete with rosary beads on the front.  The actress that plays the nun makes you believe she is really a nun.  Saturday, I was going to go to Waco with Peggy for a Baylor basketball game, but after such a busy week, which included a full afternoon at my father's house, Bible study, celebrating Peggy and Lisa P's birthdays, I was beat.  So very tired.  Roy took his car in for required maintenance on Saturday morning, so I went and had breakfast and then made a quick trip to Home Goods and rested for the remainder of the day. 

I don't know about anyone else who lives in the general vicinity, but the rain Friday/Saturday morning was so hard, I thought it was going to break a window.  The wind was strong. 

The workmen laying water pipe finally got the big machine unstuck from the mud.  Only the chain link fence remains.  The gas leak they were looking for wasn't anywhere near our area, so they have moved on down the street to find it.  Haven't seen any white trucks around, so they must have been successful in locating the leak. 

Tomorrow I make a much needed trip to the land of sugar for highlights and a haircut.  And if I'm lucky I might be having lunch with Emily when I'm blonder. 

Tonight is the season finale of Downton Abby.  Think I will watch last week's episode again at 6.  Have a lovely week. 

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