Monday, February 6, 2012

Hello Monday!

What a beautiful day!  I'm saying this even though our electricity went out again this afternoon.  It just came on a little while ago.  Instead of busying myself with laundry like I planned, instead I worked on homework, finished up a little craft project (hope no one just spit Diet Coke at that news) and took a little nap.  You know how it goes, if I take a nap when I wake up, the electricity will be back.  Right before it went off, there were some loud truck like noises where they are laying water pipe.  Somehow, I think, someone must have hit a line or something.  It took a little over two hours to get the 6,600 of us back online. No that didn't make it happen but, it was a nice nap anyways.  Roy actually called me rather early today and asked me to send him his staff notes.  Since I was up and about I decided to stay awake and begin the day.  So the nap was nice. 

Loving the Home Goods store out here.  Never liked the one on Bunker Hill.  It didn't seem that organized and it has too much stuff that isn't all that interesting.  Also, this one out here doesn't have clothes, so that helps a lot.  Last week I found some really cute Easter things at Home Goods for cheap and I went back there this morning to pick up a few more decorations.  Since I was so close to Target, I made a stop there too.  I was looking to pick up some of the on sale potting soil but they were out.  Guess that means I need to make a return trip at some point this week. 

Roy had some dental work done Friday afternoon.  This weekend's theme; soft foods.  That theme is made a little more difficult by the fact that Roy isn't a fan of most soft foods.  He doesn't like mashed potatoes too much, not a mac and cheese fan and he really isn't that big of an egg eater but dang it, if he wanted something more than ice cream for dinner Friday night, he was going to have to have some scrambled eggs.  So Roy's diet was high in pudding and ice cream consumption.  Saturday, he ventured into enchilada land and by Sunday, he subsided on tamales and of course more ice cream. 

Saturday evening I watched our recording of Suspicion.  Love that movie and then I found myself watching Saturday Night Fever.  AMC was celebrating its 35th anniversary.  Yep, that movie came out the year Roy and I were married.  And in light of the previous post on ugly clothes of the 70's, watching SNF confirmed once again  what all the pictures and memories of the 70's brought back to mind while looking at the FB pages.  While I was watching SNF, it reminded me of the SNL skit, Samari Fever with John Belushi.  It was almost as good as the dance scenes from the movie. 

I had to break away from the Super Bowl last night to watch Downton Abbey.  So glad I did and still saw the last play of the game.  It was a win/win.

Seems like each time I sit down to write and I have a couple of serious things on my mind to blog about, I can't seem to get the words together.  Guess it means, the words are quite there yet and I have more to ponder. 

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