Friday, February 17, 2012

In That Day

It's a relatively quiet morning out here on the prairie.  Doesn't sound like a whole lot of construction is going on behind us and the grinding and machinery sound from the pipe layers has come to a resounding stop. Silence...   For one thing, one of the workmen got one of their big digging machines, of course there is a term for it but I haven't a clue right now what it would be called, stuck in the mud.  It is so deep into the hole it dug and with all the rain this week, they had to put a chain link fence around it to keep Rancho de Five children and probably their dads from getting too close.  A new twist to the wait and let the ground dry out is, all the white Center Point trucks lining Rancho de Five Blvd.  Of course when I drove by them all, I didn't give anything a thought but Roy stopped and talked with the men as he came home from photography class.  There is a small gas leak and they are trying to pin point its location.  I looked out the window this morning and trucks are back, so I guess they haven't fixed it yet.  Roy was telling me this morning to get up early, get showered and dressed in case they turned off the electricity or evacuated the neighborhood.  He takes his pipeline safety rather seriously and well we should.  But, I was so tired this morning I had to make the quality decision to sleep in, eat breakfast and then shower.  It's called living on the edge people...besides the odds of being interviewed on TV go up when you're dressed weird and your over all appearance is strange.  My mother would have been worked up and rather worried if there was a small gas leak in the neighborhood.  By nature my mom was a worrier.  She kind of had it backwards, worry without ceasing, worry always,  worry in the Lord always and again I say worry.  Don't get me wrong, my mom was a great prayer but she wrestled constantly with the Lord over trusting Him with the situation.  She would be so glad to help Him though, by taking the worry part for Him.   I know if I was my mom, there would be suitcases packed and in the ready position.  So this is the scene from out front door, flashing lights, white trucks, men wearing orange safety vests and a big digger stuck in the mud.

Contrast that with the happenings in the backyard.  In the serene setting of tree, shrubs and grass that is finally growing, sat a little bunny rabbit.  I stood for the longest time watching it eat, wash and stretch.  The bunny kind of reminded me of Buddy the cat.  I was so mesmerised, I finally remembered I could pull out a dining room chair and watch a little more comfortably.  In the midst of this nature show happening in the confines of our backyard, Roy came home from the office.  I greeted him, but didn't move from the chair.  Now I know that goes against all we are taught about "the greeting" the husband should receive when he comes in the door, but I figured he wouldn't mind the turned back greeting for one evening.  What the heck, the only difference from a normal night when he comes home is, I greet him from behind the computer or sitting on the couch.  Bad Christian wife, Nancy!  Anyway, he joined in with me watching the bunny for a bit and then he microwaved the delicious and loving dinner prepared for him by the good people at T. Jin's.  That little rabbit held my attention till the evening took over the light of day.  After a long, fun and busy day, I settled down and experienced such a quieting peace.  God's hand, His little creation, right there in our little backyard. 

This morning in retrospect a work was happening in the midst of ordinary, everyday life.  I didn't see it at the time but there were two choices, focus on the the thing I cannot control, that causes anxiety and worry or focus on the thing I cannot control, that brings peace and presence.  We have those choices everyday, all day long.  You know, it might even be biblical, that thing of choosing, blessing or cursing and that is not to be confused with cussing. Some people say they cuss others say they curse.  How timely with all this talk of bunnies, I just went on a rabbit trail.  Sunday morning I went with Roy to his Life Bible Study class, LBS class is just relevant church talk for Sunday School.  Anyway, David Taylor, the teacher, is teaching out of Isaiah.  He covered Isaiah 11 and 12.  His emphasis on verses 6-9 in chapter 11 about peace was so good.  This week as I have read and re-read these chapters, something jumped out, this phrase, "in that day."  It is used several time in chapters 11 and 12 and it seems that after the phrase, in that day, it says, the wolf and the lamb will live together.  In that day the heir to David's throne will be a banner of salvation to all the world.  In that day the Lord will reach out His hand a second time to bring back the remnant of His people.  Then in chapter 12 verse 1, in that day you will sing and then in verse 4,"in that wonderful day you will sing; Thank the Lord, praise His name!"  In that day the Lord and in that same day, in that day, we respond.

Today I want to be "in that day."  To see and experience, to know and be grateful for God's presence in my that day.  I want to be "in"with Him.

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