Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feeling the Love

We are so feeling the love from our HOA.  We got a Valentine from them yesterday.  After their last inspection on January 30, we were written up for sealing our fence with a wood sealant that preserves the new look and prolongs the fencing from turning into that aging gray look.  Roy talked with them yesterday to get some specifics from them and he will respond and must do so before the 17th.  I'm surprised they didn't write us up for having a non authorized bougainvillea plant in the courtyard.  Really, I am glad we have a tough HOA but sometimes the things they focus on borders on the ridiculous.  Like why aren't they writing up the neighbor across the street who still has a Christmas wreath hanging on her front door.  My suspicion is she's trying to pass it off as a Valentine wreath but those pesky Valentine pine cones are giving her away.  And her landscaping, well let's just say it looks like she got bored in the middle of it and hasn't completed her project now going on three months.  I mean I understand because of my ADD but dang, I know to get professionals or Roy involved to see something to completion.  I have several on going projects in the house and each of them are in different rooms.  That way when I get off task, I have something new to keep my attention until I go into the next room. 

After a week of quiet the machines are back on the green space laying or lying water pipe.  They almost have the section by us completed.  The noise factor is diminishing each week from the house construction behind us.  There is only one lot left to be developed and it is right behind us.  It is a Weekley lot and usually they don't build until the lot has been sold. 

Is anyone watching Super Nanny on Lifetime after Dance Moms?  Wow, Ms Deborah, the nanny, is awesome and has great techniques.  Today when I ran into the Target to see if they had potting soil I kind of laughed to myself because I saw a discipline situation going south, in a hurry.  I thought if that mom only had a bell, you'll have to watch the show.   The other mom with kids shopping with her kind of had a look on her face like, you need to take care of this situation now and she was giving approving looks to her two boys.  They were behaved and looked kind of shocked that children could get away with such things.  Seems like I am on a discipline observing kick right now.  I will say I so respect and honor you moms.  You do hard work everyday.  I don't think I would have made a good mom but I do make a good Aunt Foo Foo.  Oh, Target is still out of potting soil.  I know I can go other places and get it, but Target is just too much fun.  Also a note on Dance Moms...they are arguing more and almost getting to the Mob Wives scale of bleeped out banter.  I like watching the girls dance and become more confident as they perform.  Some of the moms should take note of the girls because if anyone of those kids talked or acted they way they do, their butt would be so grounded.

Maybe I should go finish up the rest of my homework and maybe complete a project or two before I make dinner.  Yes, sometimes I go into the kitchen for more than a Diet Coke. 

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courtney said...

you made dinner? did y'all have corn dogs? ;)