Monday, September 7, 2015

Feeling Right at Home

The bunny rabbit is keeping Buddy on watch this morning and being on point for a bit of time has now worn Buddy out and she looks like she will be falling asleep soon. She and I did not have a good night as she was so restless and had trouble settling. In Katy, when she came to sleep on my arm, she fell asleep but here she stays awake and meows every so often and wakes me up and finally after about what seems like an hour, she falls asleep. Some evenings she finally goes to the end of the bed and sleeps on her blanket and those are the nights I sleep the best.

So with the restless night, my early morning plans were scuttled by me oversleeping. It is probably for the best because this week will be a busier than usual week and there won't be many mornings of being able to ease into the day. With all matters of appointments, the beginning of Bible study and a Saturday morning Brunch on the Porch at a friends home sounds like good things ahead. I will probably have to add an A/C appointment because the upstairs unit is not performing is not even hot here, by Houston standards, and it has trouble keeping up with cooling when the temps have been in the low 80's. If there was more of a breeze and less humidity, I would just open the windows...which I tried but alas didn't do one bit of good.

Yesterday was our first Sunday in the new quarterly. We are studying Genesis with the scarlet thread of redemption in Jesus running through it. Saturday morning after a quiet time, I read the week's lesson and I have rarely even in my whole entire life ever said this, but something that was written in the quarterly about creation spoke to me...from the quarterly no less. Creation came and became out of chaos and when God created this world out of chaos, He also had plans to fill this world not just create and move on. I am making a very generalized statement of what was written but this so spoke to me. In the chaos of doing new life in a new situation and finding our ways through what works and what doesn't work, there is beauty in what God is doing and He is filling our lives with circumstances and joys that we never anticipated. In the midst of my emotional chaos that finds me every so often, I can trust that God is going to use this emotional chaos and make it into something beautiful. Cue Gaithers song...something beautiful, something good...all my confusion He understood. Which segways beautifully into the song the choir sang yesterday. It is called Greater. Fast paced, wordy but fun to sing and filled with truth. I find myself singing it to myself a lot since we began learning it. So something beautiful in chaos and the reminder that greater is He that is within me than he that is in the world leaves me filled.

After church I drove over to the Fresh Market to pick up a few things then returned home to make Tex Mex enchiladas. I thought the hardest part would be making the chili gravy but it turned out well. I used way too many onions and next time I will double the chili gravy recipe. It helped with the cravings I have had for Tony's or Molina's enchiladas. This morning the downstairs still has a fragrance about it which is better than me reeking of onions.

I saw something Saturday afternoon that made me think for a moment I was in Texas and it was February. A trail ride complete with wagons and riders came down our road and turned off onto another road. I kind of was looking for Jennifer S. Anyway, I asked about the riders in SS and one of my friends, Karon, said that she used to ride in them and they were such fun. They were camping nearby and I forgot I wanted to go by and take a few pics. Way to make this Texas girl feel right at home in NC.

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