Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Friends Came to Town

The mist from rain overhangs the mountains in a gray mystery. The fog doesn't encompass the usual close view of the barn, cows, trees and road. Yesterday morning the sun teased us a bit with a brief appearance, showing its rays and beams through the clouds, but it was just that, a tease, a glimmer.
We greeted the colors of the season through a filter of rain which made some lovely pictures. Nevertheless, we were not disheartened, we continued on our way with a slight adjustment here and there.

Peggy, Kathleen and Debbie arrived Thursday afternoon at GPS and they were a sight for sore eyes. I welcomed them with open arms and heart...and yes, an open back door to put away luggage. Our schedule open for discussion, time ready to be mapped out and the beautiful land of WNC to be seen and experienced. Our first stop was Sky Top Orchards. I think I was giddy with their arrival and they were still hopped up on travel because we bought way too much at Sky Top, but boy was it fun! They were able to explore the orchards for a bit and then we settled in for some apple related shopping, including one big ol' pumpkin. Since The Wrinkled Egg had also been such a hit when Vivian, Velda, Inez and I went, I felt it was the right thing to do to introduce my Houston friends to this treasure. Loved it and the store next door was open. It was closed when V, V and I went there. Girls, we need to make a return trip. All locally made jewelry, pens and other eclectic goodies. Onward to Moose Cafe where we met Robin, our server. Roy and I have had her before and he charmed her something good, cause she is a little rough around the edges. We had a great time visiting and laughing with her and when Peggy asked if she went to church, we got a comical answer that really isn't that funny when you realize she just threw out about three church words she knew in her explanation...she told us I love God and I worship the Bible. Maybe she just got the two words mixed but she went on to explain about her nephew she kept and he wasn't potty trained yet, three years old, but she was going to get there to church one day. Thankfully, Moose Cafe was a hit with the girls and we made our way back to our home in the mountains, in a valley, on a hill.

Friday was rainy Biltmore Day complete with a late lunch at the Stable Cafe. We went to Antler Hill Village where Peggy tried to persuade an off duty shuttle driver to take us all on a tour on the other side of the Estate...didn't matter that it was almost dark, but he wasn't even almost persuaded. He was a lot of fun. We visited the creamery and the shops and had a wonderful time.

Saturday, we drove out to The Farmer's Daughter, a hit, and then a quick walk through the Amish store. We then made our way to Marshall for the art fair on the island. Lots and lots of hippies but a few good finds. I know we did other stuff but I can't remember what we did or I have the days mixed up in my brain. I think we went to the Farmer's Market...and then drove around here to see some beautiful sights. We stopped at CVS to pick up a prescription for me and cold meds for Peggy and then drove across to the convenience market to pick up some chips for our dinner of Peach Salsa. On the way home Kathleen told me that a truck had been following us from the store. That happens a lot because the roads we were on are main connector roads, but when he turned off his lights to follow us for a while, we all got a little nervous. My plan was to drive to the fire station but we called Vivian and our super hero Bill and they told us to turn around and come to their house. Before we could turn around, the truck disappeared by turning off, but we went on to their house. We got the warmest welcome anyone who is frightened can receive, Bill outside with a huge spotlight and armed for the occasion. The silver lining was Debbie and Kathleen getting to meet Vivian. We had a wonderful time visiting and then we left to get home to eat our nutritious aforementioned dinner choice.  

Sunday, of course we went to SS and church. My friends loved my SS class and I think my SS class loved them right back. Our pastor is a huge fan of NASCAR and so is Debbie. Along with Inez they had some fun discussions about cars or racing or something. Church was good and then we came home changed clothes and went to Tommy's. It was wonderful and we got to meet the owner and Kathleen and Peggy charmed her with their recent visit to Greece. We stopped at Sanctuary of Stuff before going on to the Southern Art Guild Folk Art Center and our drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I will stop here and continue with part 2 tomorrow.

I think Buddy is happy to have me to herself. She has successfully ignored me since I arrived home.

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